Where to look for employees from Ukraine?

Where to look for employees from Ukraine? Demand for employees from Ukraine is still growing. We can meet them in almost every sector. Employers employ people from Ukraine, because they are hard-working, reliable approachors, available, and relatively cheap to maintain, hence the popularity so that it is the employees from Ukraine who fill the ranks of a given company. However, as an employer, most are concerned about where to look for such people. Should this be done on their own or should they use the help of specific agencies?

Every employer knows that hiring an employee is a real challenge and a very difficult job. It is known that everyone wants in their ranks people who will be good at their work and who will be able to meet the expectations imposed on them by a given company. While it is not difficult to hire an employee and look at the CVs of the candidates does not seem to be an extremely exhausting task, having a reliable, competent and hard-working employee is certainly a harder nut to crack.

An outsourced search for employees from Ukraine

Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular and it is being used by a growing number of companies. What does it really mean? This is outsourcing a specific service that can really be about everything. If workers from Ukraine are at stake here, if we are unable to find them ourselves and find competent people, it is worth outsourcing. There are employment agencies on the market that offer, among others, the recruitment and employment of workers from the East. So just go to such an agency and then she does everything for us. We determine our preferences and who we are looking for, and its task is to find the best people for specific positions for us.

When will the use of Ukrainian employment agencies check?

Certainly always when we want to hire employees from Ukraine, but we do not know exactly how to go about it. Because where to carry out the recruitment process, if we do not know where to look for these people. Employees from Ukraine going to such employment agencies are in its database and such an agency receiving a notification from the company that it is looking for employees, contacts them immediately and a quick admission process follows. And when will the outside help of the company work? In a situation where we want to employ a specialist with specific qualifications, one who has experience and relevant competence in a given position. It is known that it will be harder for us to find such one than in the case of an agency that has dozens of people registered and from among them has the opportunity to find the right one.

Agencies are also good solutions when the employer is looking for a larger group of people. If employees from Ukraine are to be employed in the ranks of a given company and a dozen or so of them are needed, then you do not need to personally recruit and look for such people individually, because this agency will have them all for us right away. It is also worth using the agency in a situation when we are looking for someone for an urgent order and we need an employee “for now”. We call the agency and the next day we have such a person or group of people at our company. And finally, it is also worth mentioning that many companies, not wanting to deal with the issue of financial, tax and insurance settlements of employees from Ukraine, focus on agencies that are obliged to take care of all this themselves. The employer sends the remuneration of the employee not to him, but to the agency, and then the agency settles directly with the person by making deductions for individual fees and commission.

Employment of an employee from Ukraine alone

However, you don’t always have to use the agency. There are many employers who prefer direct contact with the person who is to become an employee of his company. So they prefer to devote more time to it, but be certain and aware of who they employ. So how do you attract employees in such a way? Of course, the Internet turns out to be perfect as always. It is through it that we have the opportunity to create an ad, place it on the most desired portal in the ads: I will give a job and find the person who suits us. Employees from Ukraine review ads every day and respond almost immediately. So if we want to “entertain” ourselves in recruitment, we can use this option.

One thing is certain – the demand for employees from Ukraine in Poland has been really great for several years. Entrepreneurs are looking for such people, and employees from the East are eager to use such offers. The most important thing, however, is to hire a person for a given position who will do the job as well as possible and whose competencies will allow us to fully use the potential and capabilities of such a person.

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