Rehabilitation courses for physiotherapists – an innovative NDT method

Rehabilitation courses for physiotherapists – an innovative NDT method. Every year, physiotherapy develops in our country, so no one is surprised by the desire to focus their services on a given field of patients in order to become a specialist. Physiotherapist courses provide the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge. Professionals, as in every industry, are especially sought after in small cities, hence a good idea is to open a physiotherapy office with a specialized character in small towns. Recently, an extremely popular course is a rehabilitation course for physiotherapists in conducting NDT-Bobath classes

What is the NDT Bobath method?

This method can be successfully used on both children and adults, its origin dates from the 1940s. This method is to help children and adults in proper psychomotor development. It is extremely popular when it comes to rehabilitation in the case of cerebral palsy, downy syndrome or chronic central nervous system disease. Through rehabilitation using this method, muscles and nerves affected by paralysis are stimulated, thanks to which patients feel general improvement in well-being, as well as minimizing the effects of motor dysfunctions. This method is designed to alleviate muscle tension, teaches new movements that are very close to normal.

In addition, its use is responsible for inhibiting incorrectly developed movements, as well as perpetuating those correct during everyday activities such as playing, eating or bathing. Courses for physiotherapists in this field allow you to acquire not only practical, but also theoretical knowledge about given diseases, which in later work allows better communication with patients and their carers.

What skills does the training for physiotherapists in this field give

Rehabilitation courses for NDT physiotherapists are increasingly popular in training centers due to the increase in popularity of this method among the public. The most popular course for physiotherapists in this field is organized by the NDT Bobath Polska Association. However, trainings and courses are organized throughout the country, which is why every physiotherapist will have no problem participating in them if they want to broaden their knowledge in this field. After training in this field, physiotherapists are able, among others, to choose the appropriate rehabilitation methods for a given motor dysfunction, as well as diagnose all kinds of irregularities. Physiotherapists operating in this field must also have a very large knowledge of the correct human anatomy of his movements, as well as the stages of the child’s motor development. Ignorance of these patterns will be difficult for him to perform rehabilitation in a correct and effective way. What’s more, the enormity of theoretical knowledge will allow them to make their carers aware of the diseases they suffer from. Often, caregivers are worried about the future of their children and want them to be able to start functioning on their own. A qualified physiotherapist is able to determine the course and possible improvement in the rehabilitation process, as well as recommend exercises for exercising at home.

Who is this type of course for

Not every physiotherapist is able, however, to perform this method of rehabilitation, because it requires a lot of patience and even Sisyphus work, often patients step by step do two backwards due to the progressive disease. If a physiotherapist considers success as only curing a patient from motor ailments, he definitely should not train in this direction, because This method usually only improves the motor functions of people who will probably never fully recover again. Of course, you can also take a course for NDT-Bobath physiotherapists dedicated to infants, then the work of the physiotherapist with this method will be based on the comprehensive development of the child in the event of muscle tension or body asymmetry. The most important thing in the whole therapy is the patient’s trust in the physiotherapist, and this is difficult to achieve, especially in infants. In the NDT method, the child should not cry while exercising, because it will cause muscle tension and waste of work.

This type of rehabilitation course for physiotherapists is usually several meetings divided into thematic blocks on theoretical and practical skills. Most often, the trainings take place over several days, and their cost is in the order of several thousand zlotys, due to the specialization of the method. However, a good physiotherapist should never save on training, because they complement his workshop, allow him to develop and gain new clients, who more often pay attention to the qualifications of those who perform them instead of the price of rehabilitation.

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