Pros of using tent halls in your own company

Pros of using tent halls in your own company. We live in the 21st century – a time when entrepreneurs have a hard time with everything. In Poland, they have to meet a number of requirements, pay huge taxes and simply deal with official matters. However, each of these aspects can be a bit easier by investing in the so-called tent halls . What are they and why is it worth investing in them? What are the advantages of using them? We plan to focus on all of this in this article.

What exactly are tent halls?

Tent halls were created for entrepreneurs who conduct their sales activities – whether by selling their goods or by selling the works of third-party producers – and need a place to store the assortment they offer. As the name suggests, they are made in the shape of a tent, with a sheet serving as a roof, and with a metal (usually) skeleton serving as a support for the whole.

Usually, tent halls are used in the form of the above-mentioned storage space, although they are often used for other purposes. Entrepreneurs often decide to conduct sales activities directly inside them . Halls of this type are often rented, in a slightly smaller form, of course, as places for the organization of events – be it such as weddings or those with a purely sports color.

The main advantages of investing in tent halls

There is nothing strange in the fact that more and more companies decide to enter the tent halls , which – although used outside our country for a long time – are still crawling in Poland. After all, their use is associated with a lot of advantages, among which you can distinguish such aspects as:

– low price – when using a “brick” warehouse we have to pay a monthly rent for the space provided to us, when investing in tent halls, we pay only once – if we have a plot of land, there is no problem with locating such a hall on it; The purchase of a hall is therefore a one-off expenditure that will pay off from month to month – we can therefore treat it as a kind of investment that can pay off even in a few months (depending on the price of warehouse premises in our city);

– flexibility and mobility – if our business is just starting and it is far from stabilizing, tent halls will allow us a lot of flexibility; not only can we change its location in the blink of an eye (for example when moving to another city), but also expand or reduce it, depending on changing needs; So it is a great option for people who are not yet fully determined about the place where they will spend the rest of their lives;

– possibility of expansion – as we mentioned earlier, the tent halls can be easily expanded , which gives them a great advantage over the “brick” alternatives; if our demand for space increases at a given moment, we will be able to satisfy it in a very fast, cheap and effective way;

– effective use of space – regardless of how much space (plot) we have, tent halls can be selected in such a way as to make full use of it – as we define their size ourselves, we can use even the smallest piece of land; therefore, we do not have to worry about overpaying for too much land, which we are not really making full use of;

– no major legal requirements – when building the most classic brick warehouse, we must first obtain all kinds of building permits – especially since it is usually a larger and more substantial building; it must therefore meet the requirements of the government – exactly as when building a residential building; the situation is different when it comes to tent halls – as they are not actually treated as a full-fledged building (they can be fully assembled – and in just a few hours, depending on the target size), they do not require any permits and do not have to meet strict standards; they are therefore a great option for people who do not like dealing with official matters;

– versatility – tent halls , as already mentioned, can be used as a warehouse, but they do not have to – we can always use them in a slightly different way, even by selling them properly ; Therefore, they often allow not only to reduce the costs associated with erecting a warehouse, but also those resulting from the necessity to have a premises where the sale will be conducted (and this is required by law).


Tent halls are one of the very attractive options not only for warehousing, but also for selling products – both for beginner companies that are still looking for their place in the world, and experienced corporations that like to have everything at hand and adapt to their needs if necessary, flexibly increasing or decreasing your inventory. So if we have a problem with cheap and logistically effective placement of the products we sell, we should read about them and not be afraid to take advantage of all the advantages that are associated with this use.