Social media and brand promotion – a short guide on how to appear on the web

Social media and brand promotion – a short guide on how to appear on the web. You often hear that if you don’t have an Instagram account, you don’t exist. It sounds quite drastic, unfortunately in the ruthless world of modern marketing it’s true. Only brands that use social media for their promotion can significantly enter the market. Modern man spends a lot of time in the world and it is mainly from there that he draws information and inspiration.

He also spends a lot of time on social media, which allows him to connect with people and brands around the world. Hundreds of millions of people visit Instagram every day. Already over a billion people in the world have their accounts on this portal. Having your brand or company account on this social network is one of the most effective ways to reach customers, gain popularity and build a strong and recognizable brand. However, just having an Instagram account may not be enough for you – learn what to do to make your social media account work in favor, help you start a real business and earn money. So get to work! In the article below we will give practical tips on modern marketing on Instagram.

Instagram – the right marketing tool?

There are many social networks on which you can appear on the network. The more places you have in the network, the better for you. Thanks to this you will reach even more people, because some users have an account on only one of these portals. So if you don’t have an Instagram account yet, it’s about time you set up it and start reaching out to internet users this way too. By reaching them in various ways you will consolidate your presence and your brand in their memory. If you make them see you every day and interact with them, they will certainly not forget about you and repay you by recognizing your brand. There is also a fairly high probability that they will want to become consumers in the future, as demonstrated by research on the effects of Instagram marketing on brand profit. Instagram is one of the easiest and most effective tools to use it to promote your brand due to the fact that it is dominated by easy and quick visual information. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people log in to it and view new content. It’s best to do it if you know the profile of the average Instagram user and choose the type and style of content you post to him.

What to do to appear on Instagram?

Creating an account for your brand in social media does not guarantee any success yet. It can even deter, if your Instagram account will have its last post published two years ago and the published photos will be outdated a long time ago. If a customer comes across your brand and visits its Instagram profile, where it will be terrifyingly empty and bored, and will not have any updates, it will probably find that your brand has nothing interesting to interest. One of the most important characteristics of brands that gain recognition is being up to date, being modern and active. Therefore, remember – if you want to achieve any success with an account on social media, first of all – publish.

Add new posts as often as possible, preferably daily. Do not disappear from the view of your current customers and fans, as well as future potential customers. Be visible and involved. Add current information on what’s new in your brand, what you are currently working on, what you plan for the future. You can also share photos or short “behind-the-scenes” videos with your fans and followers. Something funny happened in your office while working on a project? Add a funny picture. People in social media consider such activities to be very nice. Meeting people who are behind a given brand also strengthens the customer’s trust in it, because it makes it closer to us.

Be active and be seen on social media

Don’t just publish daily new posts to Instagram. Conquer your visibility even more by being an active user. Interact with many other users. You can do this, for example, by adding hearts to their photos and writing comments below them. If your profile name appears many times before their eyes, they will certainly not forget about it easily. By writing comments you will also become recognized as active and engaged, which is a very important characteristic of a modern brand. Be involved not only in situations directly related to your brand, but also let yourself be known as socially engaged. Become a follower not only of potential clients, but also of important institutions or public figures.

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