How to choose a good car rental company and when to reach for its services?

How to choose a good car rental company and when to reach for its services? A car is a vehicle that for many is the basic means of transport and something that would be difficult for them to live without. No wonder – with the advancement of technology and the limited time each of us has, car use has become so common that it is almost natural. Unfortunately, we do not always have access to our own car, or we are able to afford it. So what to do when we really need it? Reach for a car rental! 

When should we decide on car rental services?

Car rental – contrary to appearances – was not created only for people who do not have their own car, although this is suggested by logic. In fact, people who use it more often … who have their own car. We must remember that when driving a rented car, we are still subject to all regulations, including the need to have a driving license. So when to reach for the rental services? When:

  • our car is under repair – as we mentioned above, every month every car rental company rents them a lot to people who for some reasons (usually breakdowns or prolonged periodic inspection) do not have access to their own car, and treat it as something necessary to life;
  • we are going on a trip – by far the most common reason for renting is for people who for some reason do not have their own car, but want to go on a further trip while maintaining a comfortable and flexible means of transport (instead of relying on buses, for example);
  • we need a car for a special occasion – car rentals are often used by newlyweds who want to show themselves well during the wedding and reception (they usually choose more luxurious cars); she often uses her services also when going on a honeymoon or to visit friends who live far away from us;
  • we are outside the country – when going abroad it is reasonable to rent a car, which gives us great freedom in sightseeing, but also allows you to save – transporting places outside Poland can be salty cost; especially converting it into zlotys.

What conditions should a good car rental company meet?

The huge competition on the car rental market means that we have a huge choice when it comes to a specific service provider. This means that we do not have to rely on “just any” services, on the contrary – in choosing, we can allow ourselves a certain amount of pickiness and simply looking for something that will meet our expectations. Below is a list of aspects that each rental company should offer – do not hesitate to expand it depending on our individual needs and expectations.

Elements of a perfect rental

  • transparent rental conditions – car rental necessarily requires signing a contract – it is important to ensure that it is written in plain language and contains only what is necessary in this type of contract; It is also necessary to make sure that it is written for the benefit of us – rental companies often try to transfer full responsibility for cars to us;
  • access to many cars – when choosing a car rental company, we must count on a wide selection when it comes to cars; we do not always travel alone, and often we are also accompanied by large luggage – let’s make sure that the car is fully adapted to it;
  • the possibility of using additional services – although it is not necessary, rental companies often offer access to various additional services, the popular one is the one related to lifting the car at our door; if we need it, make sure that the service provider we choose gives access to it;
  • flexibility – it is known that we do not always travel for a long time – sometimes our journeys are shorter and sometimes longer; it is important that it is possible to flexibly determine the rental period, and at the same time that the price adjusts to it (greater discounts for a longer period – as welcome as possible);
  • full insurance package – it is now an absolute standard; the rental company should insure not only the car, but also ourselves – it will give us comfort and safety and will allow for stress-free driving – without fear of a breakdown or minor or major defects (for example, scratching the paint, often through no fault of our own). Let’s make sure that the insurance is in the contract.


Car rental companies have been operating on the market for a long time, and today their offer can be really wide. So let’s not be discouraged by saying in advance that “they are certainly expensive” – ​​in fact, most of them offer very favorable terms of rentals and are characterized by reliability and flexibility in their approach to the customer. So before we delete their services in advance, let’s get acquainted with them and do an interview – especially if we need a car “to the death”. Let’s be picky – this market is competitive and should fully match our needs and expectations.

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