Tips for optimal carpet cleaning

Tips for optimal carpet cleaning. Always try to keep the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner high enough while vacuuming. This way you will avoid having to wash carpets and carpets too often. If the vacuum cleaner is set too low during cleaning, there is a high probability that you will damage the carpet surface. On the other hand, setting the vacuum cleaner too high will prevent the thorough collection of dirt. If our main goal is to avoid washing carpets and rugs, we should fit the vacuum cleaner roll well before we start cleaning the carpet surface.

The key to carefully collecting pollen, dust and dirt is to set the power of the vacuum cleaner to the highest. When you feel the vacuum cleaner lifting the surface of the carpet up, it means that the power is high enough. It’s really important when we do not want to wash carpets and rugs regularly, because even thorough cleaning of the surface with a brush and liquids will not allow us to collect all the dirt that will be drawn in by a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Steps to follow if you want to avoid washing carpets and rugs too often.

Vacuum as often as possible.

To protect your carpet, vacuuming entrance areas and high-traffic areas in your home up to two or three times a week. The rest of the carpet or rug is enough to vacuum once a week. Remember that too rarely vacuumed surfaces of carpets or carpets can collect moisture particles. The increasing amount of moisture on the surface will contribute to a greater accumulation of soil, dust and pollen.

Always make sure your bag and filter are clean for good ventilation while vacuuming.

A dirty dust bag, dustbin in a vacuum cleaner, or a clogged filter can reduce the suction power of a vacuum cleaner by up to half. The main reason vacuum cleaners can’t cope with removing dirt from carpet surfaces is that people don’t replace clogged filters in time, which ends up accumulating a lot of dust that clogs carpets and rugs. Always try to replace the bags when they are three-quarters full and check the filter regularly for cleanliness.

Vacuum at the correct speed.

Vacuum slowly to remove as much dirt as possible. Vacuum clean one quick pass through low traffic areas and two or three passes through high traffic areas. Remember that two slow runs of the vacuum cleaner over the surface of carpets and rugs will draw a lot more dirt than a quick wipe. It is a reliable way to reduce the frequency of washing carpets and rugs.

Use rugs to wipe your shoes.

Use rugs both inside and outside your home to reduce the potential dirt that you can bring to carpets and rugs. Thick mats that remove soil from shoes under the door are the perfect solution in this case. Try to buy a mat that absorbs water. This way, you will avoid a wet surface, to which a large amount of dirt will stick more easily.

Get professional cleaning advice and your carpets will stay in good shape for longer.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional warm water extraction as the primary method of cleaning synthetic carpets. Steam cleaning is usually used, which is another good way to postpone the next need for washing carpets and rugs. In such cases, the carpet should be pre-treated with a detergent. Then add the very hot rinse solution and press it into the carpet under high pressure and vacuum it. Once this process is properly done, there should be no dirt and detergent left on our carpet. Carpet cleaning specialists can charge even several hundred zlotys for cleaning a large surface material.

No wonder that people at such high prices usually completely ignore the option of professional cleaning and simply prefer to equip themselves with equipment and materials that will allow them to take care of the carpet themselves. A carpet cleaning machine bought or rented is a good solution when you have a large house where you have several large area carpets to clean. This way, we can save a huge amount of time and even funds that had to be spent on paying for professional carpet cleaning services. A rented or purchased carpet cleaning machine will remove even the deeply soaked amount of dirt on the carpet.

Unfortunately, it turns out that cleaning the surface of carpets and carpets from allergens requires not only specialized equipment, but also knowledge of how to perform this process at the appropriate level.

What materials should I use when washing carpets and rugs?

Avoid last minute shopping and catching up on any products. Some detergents or tools can damage your carpets. Here is a list of safe measures:

    • Soaps for cleaning carpets
    • Special spray cleaner for carpet cleaning
    • Vacuum cleaners with a tip equipped with a brush to collect dust and hair
    • Paper towels