What ceiling lighting will emphasize the charm of the interior?

What ceiling lighting will emphasize the charm of the interior? Can the ceiling decorate the room? And in addition fashionable? Of course! Because the ceiling has recently come to the fore. Modern interior design treats it as the fifth wall. And this means that it must be equally carefully designed as well as the other four surfaces. What are the most fashionable ceiling decorations?

The house stood on its head, i.e. the ceiling like a floor

Ordinary ceiling lighting suddenly became passé, because the ceiling itself has become an additional space for sometimes even crazy ideas and arrangements. This surface will never be boring or white again. First of all, because the designers focus on strong color accents. Decorations such as geometric solids are fashionable. Modern, fancifully mounted suspended ceilings appear. Wallpapers and interesting and unique graphics begin to appear on the ceiling. Mounting many lamps is no longer an exaggeration. There are also special leitmotifs that should be taken into account when developing the ceiling space. It is space, palace splendor, afro on the ceiling and a house on its head. The latter is characterized by such details as: stripes, grilles, flowers. Floor mosaic may also appear. Panels will not be a mistake either.

Decorations on a fashionable ceiling also include interior design

First of all, ceiling beams are an element of the past, but as everything appears in a new setting. They must be painted in the same color as the ceiling itself and be well lit, for example with LED strips.

Secondly, a definite color accent is the ceiling in colors ranging from pink to blue and green. The colors should be very bold. It is worth remembering, however, that the ceiling cannot be the color of the walls. Darker colors of the ceiling match large interiors, smaller ones can overwhelm and even optically reduce. We use pastel and light colors for small rooms.

Thirdly, wallpaper and graphics appear on the ceiling. You can easily apply and classic stripes and grilles, and even geometric solids or 3D wallpapers. An interesting graphic effect is the spiral ceiling.

Fourth – a suspended ceiling, in this case the so-called stretch ceiling. It is made of hot stretch PVC film. Such a ceiling gives interesting effects, especially since it can take various shapes. In addition, the foil can have graphic elements or photos. Occurs in mat and gloss.

Fifthly – a classic suspended ceiling. In this case, plaster ceilings are called works of art. They are of different, sometimes bizarre shapes and in unusual colors. There are constructions made of many layers with interesting lighting. A very trendy effect of the cosmos, a cochlea or even geometric solids suspended in space arises on them. And lighting in this case is a LED strip (multi-colored).

Sixthly, modern interior design involves the creation of original ceiling paintings. It is an element of the cosmic style, geometric solids, afro style. Flowers will appear on the ceiling, bamboo vaults or palm leaves appear.

Seventhly – lighting, i.e. lamps that are trendy must be fancy. And they can not stand out from the interior style, and be its complement.

Eighth – there is known stucco and original ceiling moldings. The moldings indicate the limits of the ceiling. They can be illuminated with LED strips . It’s good to choose them and mount the rosette in a central place. A lamp made of palace-style crystals will be perfect then. However, stucco should become a complement to the paintings. It fits perfectly into the ceiling in bold, determined color.

Which ceiling color is trendy?

When choosing the color of the walls, it’s worth looking at the proposals of the global giant in color, i.e. Pantone. These top color designs mean trendy, colorful interior design for years. The upcoming several seasons are the kingdom of the cosmic trend with such colors as: purples from very dark to light, all shades of blue, silver, ash and broken white also appear. In the afro style, on the other hand, all the colors of the earth are found, i.e. browns, beiges, brass, old gold, and natural greens. An interesting proposition is also strong, vivid colors such as all shades of blue, orange of varying intensity, as well as greens, then roses – strong and dark colors, as well as classic gray to bold, deep black.

Although the ceiling now has its five minutes, its decorations should be chosen with great care. It is easy, instead of changing the room positively, just to overwhelm it and even ridicule it. The palace style fits large rooms decorated with panache in manor houses and large classic houses. In small apartments and rooms, it looks even strange. Similarly, the colonial style – afro. Strong colors will overwhelm the small room, optically reduce it. They will give a lot of energy. The space suits the bedroom, the living room will look cosmic, but funny … However, it is worth spending a little time and energy to have an unusual ceiling at home, which will become its original and fashionable decoration.

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