Car hire instead of public transport – pros and cons

Car hire instead of public transport – pros and cons. A trip abroad is a moment when you want to catch your breath and relax. For some, rest is associated with lying on the beach, and for others with exploring the nearby and further area of ​​the city chosen for the destination. Unfortunately, public transport only reaches the main attractions. For this reason, the less known ones are often overlooked by most tourists. For those more persistent and motorized, a network of companies has been created that offer car rentals.

How to prepare for renting a car?

Car rentals differ from each other in the offer, the conditions set for their clients and, above all, the price that they must pay for rent. The secondary issue seems to be the car class we want to rent – but not for everyone. However, the functionality and convenience of traveling with such a car is important. Therefore, before leaving, it is worth getting acquainted with the local offer of rental companies to avoid problems. The enthusiasm of the trip, the rush associated with the desire to reach the hotel, or simply the fatigue of travel can mean that an important detail will be missed by the customer. And most of us want to avoid it, especially during a holiday trip. It is good to consult friends and other customers who have already rented a car. Their comments can also be very valuable. Especially if you are planning to rent a car for the first time.

Before signing a car rental offer, you should first check the costs you need to pay at the car rental company . Here you have to take into account all additional fees, which are often hidden in the rental regulations and tax. The price is also influenced by: refueling, kilometer limit and additional options that can be selected for the rented car. Driving a car is associated with the risk of an accident and participation in random events. That is why many specialists recommend buying additional insurance, i.e. liability, AC, theft or taking into account other options offered by the company office. Another aspect taken into account when renting a car is determining the place of its pickup and return. At this point should also take into account the condition of the car in the form of a report, which we will move during the stay and a document confirming the return. The last element related to the visit to the rental is the proper selection of the car, because they differ in size (the number of seats for passengers and luggage capacity that can be used), engine capacity or purpose (cars are distinguished: city, off-road, camping and much more ).

Car rental companies require several documents, including driving license and ID. Of course, these documents must be current and have so-called validity. The identity document is both an ID card and a passport. In addition, renting a car involves having at least one credit card, which is used to pay for rent. In the case of renting a high class car, these companies require security in the form of payment from two credit cards. The payment is based on securing funds related to the car rental specified in the drawn up contract, and after its termination – settlement.

Is choosing a car extremely difficult?

Contrary to appearances, choosing a car from the car rental offer is not an easy task. As already mentioned, many factors should be taken into account, such as: car class, model and make, luggage capacity, body type, engine capacity and power, and type of transmission. These are quite a few factors, and there are even more. The choice is not facilitated by the variety of cars that are very often available from the car rental company.

It is worth considering not only your own preferences, but also the functions we care about during the trip. A different car will be chosen by the client who will be traveling with one companion around the city than the one planning to travel in a group along the wilderness of Romania, Norway or Scandinavia. In the first case, a perfectly small three-door car will work. In the second case, it is worth considering choosing a bus or motorhome, because it will make the whole trip more enjoyable. Everyone has their own preferences, which, however, are worth considering in this case.

Car rental summary

This is an incomparable option, which unfortunately is not addressed to everyone. It still happens that car rental prices are very high and discouraging for most customers. Certainly, renting a car in many cases can facilitate sightseeing during your vacation. This is due to the distances that may divide the tourist and his place of travel and the restrictions resulting from the offer of public transport.

The car rental companies offer has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Everyone should consider them individually before making a final decision. Public transport or car rental – the choice is up to each of us.

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