Tailored suits

Tailored suits. Men order tailored suits for many different reasons. First of all, they want to look better. The suit in itself, adds to the owner and well-tailored can do wonders. For those interested in fashion it is the perfect accent on individual style.

When sewing a tailor-made suit, we choose the cut, fabric and all accessories ourselves. Perfectly captures the personality and character of a man and at the same time cover up the shortcomings of the figure. Regardless of the motives, everyone who chooses a tailor-made suit combines one, they will probably never exchange their tailor’s suit for any shop product.

Suit History

The beginnings of the suit’s history date back to the early 1900s, but it was not until the early 1930s that it was recognized as a formal men’s suit. Over the years, the role of the suit in the life of a man has changed a lot. In the past, it was often worn for less solemn events, often it was an everyday outfit. In turn, tailcoats or jackets with waistcoats were chosen for official celebrations. The cradle of a modern suit is England, where they won the first fans. Chic Italians envied them, who quickly fell in love with elegant clothes and began to be masters of sewing these costumes themselves.

Italians indicate the three most important things in a good suit: cut, color and fabric. Of course, the cut is the most important, it gives the character to the suit. The colors are best chosen in subdued colors, the most universal are navy blue, black and gray. As for the material, silk or pure wool is most often chosen – these are crease-resistant fabrics that are great.

The most commonly used fabrics

Most often, however, customers choose pure wool – but these are not the only materials available. When choosing, pay attention primarily to the budget, the price of the fabric has the greatest impact on the price of the entire suit. The most popular materials include:

      • cotton – light and breathable material, thanks to which it provides the owner with great wearing comfort, additionally, tailored cotton suits are affordable,
      • wool – is one of the most popular fabrics used for sewing suits. It is valued primarily for high resistance to creases, providing an impeccable appearance,
      • tweed – a certain type of wool, slightly thicker than the original, so it is widely used in dresses from the autumn-winter collection,
      • cashmere – an elegant material characterized by extraordinary softness, cashmere suits are among the most expensive,
      • baratea – a matt material with a distinct texture, is used in particular for sewing formal tailcoats and tuxedos.

The price of a custom-made suit

It cannot be denied that the price of a tailored suit is not the lowest. Searching the internet for information on the cost of sewing clothes in a tailor shop, we find amounts starting from PLN 2,000. It must be clearly stated that for a personalized design it is not an exorbitant price. The price depends primarily on the material we decide on, the degree of difficulty of the cut and the reputation of the place where we order tailor-made sewing. Finally, they can reach an amount exceeding several thousand zlotys. First of all, it’s worth realizing that a tailor-made suit is simply worth having. Currently, it is no longer a sign of snobbery or fad. Today, men’s awareness of the importance of their appearance in professional and personal life is definitely higher than just a few years ago. Hence the growing interest in tailoring suits.

Accessories that can match your outfit also have a great impact on the price of the custom-made suit. Among the most popular of them we can distinguish:

      • patches on elbows usually made of natural or synthetic leather. They are a great addition to casual jackets and less formal suits. They work well in styles worn for informal meetings, as a work outfit or going out,
      • Decorative buttons are a common addition to the original suits. Choosing the right buttons is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, however. Here, a big role is played by the tailor, who should indicate which color and model best match the specific email.
      • vests are back in favor. They look great under the jacket, adding elegance, but look great also worn without a jacket.
      • buttonhole and pocket square – the elegant hole in the left lapel is a classic element of a luxury jacket. The insert pocket for bras should perfectly match with the entire tailor-made suit.

Tailoring a suit is not a small accident, but it is definitely worth the price. A perfectly tailored suit emphasizes the man’s character and unique style, and at the same time can add a lot of confidence. Undoubtedly, every elegant man should have at least one such suit in his wardrobe – regardless of whether he will use it every day or only on public holidays.

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