Shisha – a tasty alternative to traditional smoking

Shisha – a tasty alternative to traditional smoking. Traditional smoking is associated with smoke, which to the ill of many crying just smells. Opposite the problems comes bongo shisha, a wonderful alternative to cigarettes and an attractive bong replacement. It does not stink, tempts with a delicate smoke aroma, as well as various flavors. For many smokers, it is a “healthier” substitute for tobacco smoke. What’s it like with shisha?

The roots of shisha reach back to Middle Eastern culture, whose customs have come to Europe and Poland. Now also in our country, sharing shisha with friends during joint trips has almost become a custom. Poles, especially the young ones, very positively received shisha in their circles.

Over the years, many premises have been created that provide shishe for their guests in their services. As it turned out, shisha is an ideal addition to drinks, food or simply diversifies guests stay in the premises, and also affects their integration. You can choose not only more and more types of shisha, but also service providers provide an interesting selection of a variety of multi-flavored special tobacco.

Pub guests as well as private individuals in their own apartments can admire the smoke of banana, raspberry or chocolate. Shisha found her place in many homes. Sometimes it diversifies home meetings, and at other times kills boredom during evening television marathons.

Why are people so eager to reach for this type of smoking? First of all, because there is a perception that smoke filtered through this water pipe, like bongo, is an alternative to toxic tobacco smoke. In addition, shisha can be bought almost anywhere. Just enter the name of the water pipe in the search engine and the city. You will immediately find many stationary points on the map in your city. For the lazy, there will also be an outlet in the form of online stores that will provide a wonderful time diversifier right at your door.

Shisha – how does it work?

What makes shisha work and lets us enjoy different tobacco flavors? The secret lies in its composition. It consists of:

      • glass pitcher – it is filled with water;
      • bowl – into which fruit tobacco is poured;
      • body – pipe connecting the pitcher to the bowl;
      • a snake – through which smoke is drawn into the lungs.

To smoke shisha you need tobacco, usually flavored. It is picked up by a bowl and then covered with aluminum foil. Then apply hot carbon on top of the foil. Now you can inhale smoke and enjoy its taste.

How to use shisha wisely?

As you know, smoking in any form is not entirely healthy. This is also the case with shisha and roasted flavored tobacco. However, if we belong to the group of die-hard smokers and quitting smoking is not an option or we just like to smoke from time to time, we can at least try to minimize unwanted interactions occurring while smoking shisha.

    1. Let’s use our mouthpieces and don’t share them.
    2. Palm trees in a room where we have a constant supply of fresh air, and choosing a pub, head to those with ventilation.
    3. Let’s pause between puffs.
    4. Let’s celebrate every smoking shisha. We will give our body time to regenerate.

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