Everything you need to know about RAM

Everything you need to know about RAM. There is a lot of talk about RAM, but really few know what it is and what it does in computers. In this article, we will try to thoroughly examine it to explain in simple terms why it is so important for the work of our computers and laptops. RAM is Random – Access Memory in English, so in Polish it is a random access memory. But what does it really mean? What is he responsible for? Why couldn’t the equipment work without it? We hope that this article will dispel your doubts and finally each of you will know perfectly well what RAM is and what the memory has to do.

What is RAM?

As we mentioned above, it is a random access memory. It looks like a small green board with soldered components. In modern computers, it creates a closed structure to be able to further improve performance, but also heat dissipation. The RAM memory is used to store operations performed, to collect data about them and the results of calculations themselves. Such memory works temporarily, for a while, so very quickly all important information must be saved elsewhere, otherwise we will lose it.

RAM memory works only for a short time and not all the time. It is in RAM that all possible operations are carried out, from the simplest, where, for example, enter letters in a text editor, to more complex, where, for example, we play music from YouTube, or get notifications from a social network. If the computer or laptop is used only for a specific thing, this memory does not have to be too complicated. However, if we do many things at once, it certainly must be even more demanding.

RAM memory and its capacity

As is known in the case of RAM, the most important role is undoubtedly the capacity itself. Over the years, it has changed significantly. For comparison, in 1980 computers had 8kB of memory, in 1986 128kB, in 1992 2MB, in 2000 32 MB, and at present RAM memory reaches almost from 4 to 8GB in classic computers and up to 256GB in those intended primarily for players. So, as you can see, much has changed in this matter over time, and so memory itself works on completely different principles. If you buy a computer or laptop, it is definitely worth paying attention to this memory, because it is extremely important and important.

So what memory to take? Which capacity will turn out to be the best? Without a doubt, it all depends on the purpose for which the equipment is used. Something else will be needed by a person who uses a gaming device, another when he uses it only at work and operates one program, yet another when it is typically used for entertainment and checking information only. If we do not know which option will turn out to be the best for us, it is undoubtedly worth using the help of someone who knows about it and who will be able to advise us on choosing the best option for us.

What to do if the RAM is too low?

It often happens that during the use of the equipment it turns out that the RAM memory is too small. So what should you do in such a situation? This can be improved as much as possible, but first of all it is necessary to check if we have room for new bones. It is necessary to check the name of the motherboard or unscrew the cover and see if there is room for these additional bones. Usually, in most cases, there are four places for the bones, and two of them are occupied, which means that we can easily buy additional RAM. In the past, two identical dice were bought most often, but nowadays more and more often they prefer single. So if we lack RAM, just buy a new bone and mount it properly. What to look for when buying? The DDR generation plays an important role. We need to look at whether our motherboard supports such a generation. What’s more, it is also necessary to pay attention to the rail spacing itself. And what is important, it is necessary to see how much memory this laptop or computer supports, because it may turn out that the purchased RAM memory will simply be too large for the equipment to support it.

Summary of RAM

We hope that this article has proved to be so helpful that each of you already knows what such RAM is and what it does. In computers and laptops it plays a very important role and depending on the purpose of the equipment, its proper memory is necessary. It is worth remembering to find out before buying the equipment whether for our needs a given memory will be sufficient, so as not to be disappointed later that you need to buy an additional larger memory. Purchase of equipment should take place with the help of a person who knows this and who will be able to help us find the right solution for us, so that it gives us 100% satisfaction and complete satisfaction.

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