Jeździectwo konne – praktyczny poradnik dla początkujących

Horse riding – A practical beginner’s guide

Horse riding – A practical beginner’s guide. A horse is a herd animal that will always try to maintain a positive relationship with man. It is extremely important that in such a system individuals take care of themselves and do not neglect their needs and expectations. Horse riding is one of those sports where you can easily combine the possibility of direct contact with nature, physical activity and making friends. Working with a horse requires that man have the ability to read the signals sent by the animal and make efforts to understand how his psyche works. The trainings are an excellent opportunity to build a bond between mount and rider.

What outfit should a horse riding amateur have ?

Already during the first training, every rider should be prepared in the right way. The basis in this case is an outfit that consists of long, comfortable pants, full footwear on a flat sole made of stiff material and a helmet. Ensuring proper comfort while riding is crucial to simplify working with an animal.

Thanks to good shoes, we enable stable support for the feet in the stirrups, and the pants protect our thighs and calves from chafing. In the early stages of learning, it is unnecessary to invest in professional equipment. Its individual elements can be borrowed on site, in almost any institution offering horse riding lessons . The purchase of specialized clothing is worth tempting when we master the basic secrets of driving.

Horse riding lessons – practical information

Observing the reactions of novice riders, it would be difficult to resist the impression that the most difficult is to make the first step, which is signing up and coming to training. However, when this happens, there is usually an element of fascination with a new hobby. During the first direct contact with the horse one should focus on overcoming fear of his size. It is advisable to approach him, pat him and trust him enough to be able to relax while already in the saddle. Usually, a huge shock turns out to be the specific feeling of rocking on the back of a horse, which is somewhat reminiscent of what we feel when the sea waves lift us.

Horse riding lessons begin with an attempt to find balance on the animal’s back. This is possible thanks to the use of a series of special exercises, which aim to guide the rider on how to ride properly, as well as to build trust in the human-horse relationship.

It is extremely important that the instructor treats each student individually. It is not advisable to apply any generalizations because we are living entities, not machines. Everyone has different memories of their experiences with horses, and some do not. Therefore, the instructor has a huge responsibility for whether the rider will want to constantly develop a new hobby or whether it will be an example of “straw enthusiasm”.

The attitude of a man in the company of horses

Horse riding is also learning how to behave properly in the presence of these large animals. It should be remembered that no matter what emotions tear us inside, we should show calmness and composure outside. Horses are extremely sensitive to external stimuli and react to them very quickly. Showing nervousness among mounts and too rapid movements can cause that an unfortunate accident will be provoked.

Participants of horse riding lessons should above all listen and follow the instructor’s recommendations and not avoid asking questions within the areas of interest to them. Riders must learn to use the sense of speech because the horse is “controlled” by voice. If the words are spoken quietly and without certainty – the horse will simply not pay the slightest attention to them. At the same time, do not overdo it, because a scream can cause a similarly dangerous situation as the violent movements described above. As well as a riding student, he is already equipped with riding accessories bought in an equestrian shop, e.g. True Rider. There he can buy riding jackets , shirts or breeches .

It is worth knowing that all types of activities, such as combing, cleaning or saddling a horse, should be performed starting from the left side of the mount. If you want to be on the right side, avoid walking under the horse’s head. The best solution is to walk in front of him and simultaneously touch his neck or shoulder blade.

Horse riding is an extremely noble activity that develops not only the physical side of the body, but also the mental one. Horses have been used in handicapped therapy for many years. The popularity of hippo therapy proves that contact with these animals can prove to be a real salvation for the mental health of man, both a child and an adult. It is worth trying to go for the first horse riding and decide for yourself if this is the right occupation for us. Remember, however, that you must first compare different offers and above all learn opinions about instructors.

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