Online stores are gaining popularity. Is it worth buying online?

Online stores are gaining popularity. Is it worth buying online? And why not! This type of shopping has many advantages, even if there is a huge selection of goods. You can even say that there is no product in the world that could not be bought online.

You can sell, search freely, and sort through articles. The only restrictions are the time we devote to searching for a given item, the budget we devote to it and our expectations. We have access to goods and stores located far from our place of residence. It should be remembered that we also save on fuel that would have to be bought to get to the store, look for a given good.

What is most often bought in online stores?

Cosmetics, home appliances and electronics, both designer clothes and sewn by small factories, custom-made furniture and more, food products. Importantly, the purchased goods are delivered to us at home. This solution is convenient and useful in many situations – during illness or when we cannot leave the house for various reasons. Buying in remote parts of the world is also an undeniable advantage. It used to be unthinkable that you can shop in Paris, for example, order in China? Now it’s a natural and ordinary everyday life. I think everyone knows AliExpress, where you can buy everything at an affordable price. The undeniable advantage of shopping there is the shipping costs, which are usually simply not there. The only minus is the need to wait a few weeks for delivery.

Shopping in online stores is revolutionizing the market

It is no longer the time when the whole city was traveling in search of goods, who would you like to wander from store to store today, sometimes overpaying when there is a computer or telephone at hand? With such devices available, you can view the countless number of offers without leaving your home, you can compare them calmly, in your free time. There are also special price comparison websites in online stores, for example This allows us to save, because very often the price of the goods after adding shipping costs is lower than the price we would pay in a stationary store. The ability to receive an article in a place that suits us is a big advantage. When buying online, you can choose not only the delivery method that is most appropriate, but also its method. We have Polish post office, courier, parcel machine, Ruch kiosk and others. What is important, then we avoid carrying, for example, a TV, fridge or furniture. It happens that the goods purchased by us do not meet our expectations, thanks to the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product by concluding an off-premises contract, i.e. simply buying online goods without giving a reason for 14 days from the date of receipt.

Do online stores have minuses?

Of course, as everywhere, here you can find some disadvantages. When making stationary purchases, most of the goods can be picked up – touch, see and only make a decision – whether we decide on it or not. When buying in online stores, we do not have this option. Sometimes it happens that the seller describes the goods wrongly or we just imagine it slightly differently. It also happens that the pictures do not reflect the exact appearance of the item. Then the option of returning the purchased goods remains, as it does not meet our expectations. Unfortunately, when shopping online, we may come across a dishonest seller. Sometimes they send damaged goods, not in line with the description, with full awareness, they make difficulties in exchange or return, convincing clients that it is their fault, that they caused such defect. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to check the seller’s reviews first. Although you can find a dishonest seller, there is no way to touch the goods, many people prefer to make e-purchases rather than wander around stationary stores.

When shopping in an online store, remember

Finally, a few tips on what to look for when shopping in an online store. You should always check whether the store’s address finds the registered office address, some stores even provide KRS, which allows you to check whether they are certainly not just virtual. Do not use the services of stores that only charge a fee in advance, without the option of paying on delivery. Please note that when buying online, we can do it in installments, often without any interest or handling charges. If we need to buy equipment, for example, and we do not know it very well, if we can take advantage of online or telephone advice from an expert operating this selected store. It is also useful to monitor the shipment, which can be provided by the store, this will avoid losing the goods. In conclusion, I want to draw attention to one more advantage of shopping online, it is a problem of manipulation, which is commonplace in stationary stores. When we enter the store, we think that where some goods are located is a coincidence. By all means this is wrong thinking. There is a reason why more expensive products are at the level of our eyesight, the decor, the music and even the smell are supposed to make us buy. Sitting in front of the computer monitor or phone screen, no one controls us in this way, because there is no such possibility.

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