Is positioning and SEO the same?

When you have a company, you are wondering how to increase your income in real terms, you actively participate in training sessions, you read books about marketing or how you are currently searching for knowledge on the Internet. The last way is one of the best you could choose. Why? Because most of your potential customers are looking for you. It is therefore worth learning more about website positioning.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is a free translation of search engine positioning , shortened in Polish simply for positioning . Simply put, it is a process that translates into the position of a website in search results. The word process gives us to understand that this is not a one-time action, but a number of different actions that translate into the position of the website in the search engine and thus increase website traffic. It also translates directly into the sale of your services and products.

The process of positioning pages consists of two main areas of activity. The first is the optimization of the website by the programmer, the second is the active positioning of the page in internal and external activities.

Website optimization consists in cleaning and simplifying the source code of the website, so that it is more search engine friendly from the inside. Such “clean code” pages are much more search engine friendly and look less suspicious.

On the other hand, active website positioning takes place in two independent areas. One of them is supplementing the page with content that facilitates searching, i.e. containing keywords. Content optimization for SEO also includes the addition of matching graphics or meta descriptions. On the other hand, the second area of ​​activity in the positioning of Warsaw sites are external activities. This works by placing links to other websites. However, you should do it with caution. Placing links on suspicious pages or sites deemed unreliable by search engines can have the opposite effect to the intended one.

Content optimization for SEO

Content optimization for SEO is done by a qualified copywriter. Such a person fighting with a word every day knows perfectly well how to write a text that will be read willingly by site visitors, will stop them for longer and most importantly will contain appropriate key phrases , also called keywords .

The key phrase usually contains a few words and this is what a typical internet user types in a search engine. So if your company sells clothes, the key phrases relevant to the nature of the business will be: “summer dresses”, “green coat with belt” or “the most fashionable pants in the winter season”.

Key phrases are divided into phrases Short Tail and Long Tail , i.e. short and long tail. Short tail phrases are the shortest, most searched and most general. Staying in comparison to the clothing industry, they will be, for example: “pants”, “bomber” or “overcoat”. People often search for them to check what a thing looks like or looking for a way to redo it. Such a person is rarely interested in buying and even when he enters the site, he will not become a customer. Positioning for phrases Short Tail is therefore a solution in the short run – traffic will increase quickly, but it will not translate into real profits. On the other hand, Long Tail phrase searches are no longer counted in hundreds of thousands but just thousands, but our customers are behind them. These phrases are more and more specific, longer and narrow the field of search. These include phrases such as “where to buy a blue jacket”, “where to buy a green prom dress” or “cheap lace wedding dress”. A person looking for such specific expressions, reading a properly constructed text, is more likely to click on a link to a product that matches their needs, becoming a potential customer.

Professional website positioning

Positioning is not as easy as it may seem. Search engines often change their algorithms, which search websites and easily catch dishonest websites that are positioned automatically, for example using bots. Search engines fight such dishonest practices by applying filters and bans to websites. Filters consist in the fact that a given website does not appear in the first searches and for example only in the second or third ten. Bans rely entirely on skipping the page in search results. How to avoid such situations? It is worth to trust a professional company that deals with website positioning Szczecin . Such a company employs qualified employees such as programmers, copywriters or SEO specialists who work every day on the right positioning of a given page, taking care of the smallest details and constantly supplement their knowledge in training, so they know what mistakes to avoid.

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