Why are wooden structures more and more often bought by Poles?

Why are wooden structures more and more often bought by Poles? Wood has been used in construction for centuries. Whole structures and finishing elements of buildings are made of it. One of the reasons for its popularity is its natural origin, as well as the ease of processing. Wood is a natural and renewable resource. Due to the responsible policy related to the acquisition of this raw material, its processing does not adversely affect the condition of the natural environment. During construction work that uses wood, much less energy is used, which significantly reduces construction costs. In addition, wooden structures combine functionality and modern design, thanks to which they perfectly correspond to the surroundings.

Solid wood, and glued – the characteristics of the raw material

Both solid and glued wood are used to erect wooden structures . Solid wood is obtained by rubbing the log twice. This treatment makes the sides of the log perfectly flat and rectangular in shape. Glued timber is a combination of several layers of longitudinal wooden slats or veneer strips. Depending on the needs, glued wood can be milled and impregnated. Glued wood is most often obtained from pine, spruce or Scandinavian spruce. The most common tree species are not only the most resistant to temperature differences in our country, but are also the cheapest raw material offered by producers.

Wood used to build houses

Wooden structures in Poland are most often built of conifers. Pine and spruce are species characterized by high resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, and thanks to the resin they contain also durability. In addition, they are common and cheap compared to other species. Some companies decide to import wood from the north of the continent, which increases costs, while maintaining the same quality of workmanship. For this reason, when deciding to purchase a wooden structure, special attention should be paid to where the raw material comes from, and whether it has an appropriate certificate confirming its legal source.

Advantages attributed to wood

Wood has a number of properties. First of all, it is a completely natural and renewable raw material. It is extremely light and the appropriate processing allows all its elements to be joined without the use of nails. Wooden structures are also highly resistant to changing weather conditions. If properly secured, they can be used for many generations.

Wooden structures are easy to manufacture and quick to assemble. The execution time of the ordered single-family house project should not exceed a few weeks, while the erection of a similar concrete structure may take at least several months.

In addition, wood has a positive effect on our well-being and health. It has been proven that the warm color of wood calms down. The wooden constructions do not float allergens, which can cause irritation. In addition, wood regulates the level of moisture in the air. This means that when there is too much moisture in the room, the wood absorbs it, and when the air is too dry, the wood releases the stored water.

Foundations in wooden houses

Regardless of the type of structure, foundations should be placed under each wooden house. Only they guarantee the stability of the building. Wooden structures, due to their lightness, can be erected on land where traditional construction cannot be used. The foundations under them can be lighter. In Poland, they should be between 80 cm and 140 cm. Foundation walls for wooden houses and other structures are most often made taking into account the so-called floor void. In the case of wooden houses, the basement part is located on the raised ground floor. A perfect example of this are highlander houses.

For many years, companies have been operating on the Polish market that offer designs for various types of wooden structures. Among them, the most popular group are single-family houses, as well as gazebos, sheds, garages, summer houses and garden houses. In order to meet the expectations of customers, they create projects tailored to their individual needs. As a result, you can more and more often find structures with non-standard shapes that are combined with both metal and glass. What’s more, most manufacturers of wooden houses equip their products with high-class windows and anti-burglary doors. At the moment, the options that were previously referred to as Premium, today are the standard in thinking about architecture.

Experts observing the construction market in Poland have agreed that wood is the material of the future. Poles began to pay more willingly for high-class products made of natural materials. More and more important for them is not the cost, but the quality of the product, which will ensure many years of use, as well as safety for future household members.