Houses for sale – why is it a better investment than an apartment in the city center?

Houses for sale – why is it a better investment than an apartment in the city center? Your own, cozy nest is something every person dreams of. Many people take very expensive loans to be able to have at least a substitute for a warm corner. Nowadays, however, it is not easy to find a place where you can live well. Buying an apartment in the city center is associated with huge costs. In addition, there is noise, crowds, and often additional payments in the form of rent. And the neighbors – they can be very different after all. That is why many young Poles choose a house. Investing in real estate is quite a big decision.

The crucial question you can ask yourself is where to choose a location? Near the city or completely in the countryside? Houses for sale vary in price depending on how far we are from a larger agglomeration. The difference will come out anyway when we have to commute. Various types of suburban buses, sometimes buses of private carriers, run outside the city. The latter will also take us from the countryside. You can also drive a car (especially when you take your children to school).

Houses for sale in the countryside vary depending on the region of Poland. In Lower Silesia, you can buy former German properties, often requiring renovation. It will be different in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, where we are already dealing with brand new construction. Of course, there is no rule for this. We might as well find a beautiful building in Podlasie, and in Greater Poland a shabby cottage in which you will have to invest more. On the other hand, German construction is beautiful and the houses are very solid. The price of a new house may fluctuate up to PLN 700,000, while the price of one that needs renovation – around PLN 150,000.

Another thing to consider when browsing homes for sale is the plot. If we have a dog or a group of children (or both), having a large garden will be a great help for us. However, it is not worth investing in too much space – gardening is not for everyone (unless we like it very much). If we can afford it, we can build a pond, maybe even a swimming pool. Enjoying the sun and cool ablution during hot summer will be a huge plus. In addition, we can organize a barbecue in the warm season, hang a hammock, create a small playground for children. This is our plot and we can do whatever we want!
The garden also has such advantages that you can grow your own, ecological plants, plant a large orchard, maybe even keep some farm animals that do not require much attention (for example green legged hens). There is nothing more fun than eating what you have grown yourself. Besides: clean air! Get up in the morning, open the window and take a breath of fresh air into your lungs – there’s no substitute for that. We will be much healthier if we decide to commune with nature.

Of course, you can also buy a house in the city itself. The prices will be high, but then there is no need to pay for commuting, especially if we live close to our workplace. It is worth looking around what houses we have for sale in our city. It all depends on the district – it is known that prices in those closer to the center will be higher.
If we have a house, there is one important thing to remember: when winter comes, we need to warm it. At this point, we can choose between gas heating or heating from the stove. People generally prefer gas, although the difference between them is not so colossal. The advantage is that you do not have to wait for the heating season and you can turn on the heating yourself during a cold September evening. Some people combine them with a boiler if there is no hot water supply. This allows you to have two things for the price of one – although during the summer you have to heat them electrically.

When browsing homes for sale at, you have to be aware that this is an investment for the rest of your life. We will wait for old age in this place, we will leave it to our children or grandchildren years later. So we have to take into account that when the fall of life comes, we may not like noise anymore. On the other hand, in the city it will be closer to the doctor, and the older you get, the more you are teased. Having a house with a balcony or terrace will be of great benefit to us then.
Home is also about privacy. There are no neighbors who tap the ceiling with a broomstick when we are too loud. They don’t put their ear to the wall to listen to raised voices (and vice versa, we don’t have to listen to their quarrels). The house provides greater anonymity.

Besides, the superiority of a house over an apartment is incomparable. First of all, if we buy an apartment in the city, we have to take into account really exorbitant prices. For the same money – if we check how much the houses for sale cost – you can get a much larger area in a quieter neighborhood.
But what some say is not true: far from shops, cultural centers and so on. Currently, more and more galleries, cinemas and other entertainment venues are being built on the outskirts of the city. This makes sense as more and more people are moving to the suburbs. A small, local shop can be better than a big market at times

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