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Self-service car washes – how do they work and what is worth knowing about them?

Self-service car washes – how do they work and what is worth knowing about them? Self-service car washes are becoming more and more popular these days. Until a few years ago, many people washed their private cars simply on the property. Few decided to use the car wash. Car washes that existed several years ago were mostly automatic and there were not as many of them as nowadays.

Currently, more and more self-service car washes are being created, and their customers are constantly growing. This is also due to the fact that people do not want to use automatic car washes in order not to damage the paint of their car. In this article, we will take a closer look at touchless car washes and tell you what to consider when choosing them. We invite you to read!

Why do we choose self-service car washes more and more often?

In recent years, the number of people interested in touchless car washes has increased significantly, for several reasons. As we wrote in the introduction, people care much more about their cars, which is why they do not want to treat them with sharp brushes at automatic car washes and choose touchless self-service car washes. At this type of car wash, the only thing that comes into contact with the body of our car is water along with all shampoos and waxes designed to protect the paint of our car from unfavorable road conditions.

By using a touchless car wash, we are also sure and we are responsible for the quality of washing our car. We decide for ourselves with what accuracy we will do it and to which nooks and crannies we will reach with a stream of water. At automatic car washes, an automated machine that washes our car itself is responsible for everything. Such a machine is often unable to reach wheel arch recesses and tight nooks under the license plate. The only thing we have to watch out for when using a self-service car wash is the risk of damaging the paint coating of the car by too high water pressure supplied by the distributor.

We have no influence on the water pressure, but the distance from which we wash our car and possible spatters do. It should be remembered that any place where a paint chip is visible is much more exposed to stronger damage under the influence of a strong stream of water.

Advantages of self-service car washes

As we mentioned above, you have to be careful about the angles at which we wash our car so as not to damage the paint and not cause chipping. Particular care should be taken by owners of cars covered with foil, because by directing a stream of water at the end of the foil, there is a direct risk of it detaching from the surface of the car body.

The easiest way to avoid these and many other problems related to paint spraying on our car is to carefully follow the instructions for use at the car wash, which in most cases is located in a clearly visible place. Car wash manufacturers usually take care of this aspect and place the instruction manual in a clearly visible place for the user. After all, this is one of the most important things at a car wash, as are its regulations.

By carefully following its recommendations, we minimize the risk of chipping the car’s paint and other undesirable damage caused by washing the car. risk of chipping or peeling off the foil.

Setting up a self-service car wash is nowadays less and less of a problem, which is why more and more entrepreneurs decide to open a business of this type. With the growing number of interested parties, this business is also becoming very profitable, and the costs of building the car wash itself can quickly pay off. From year to year, the standards present at the car washes are rising, which is also a big plus for customers.

What else is worth paying attention to?

Another important aspect that is worth paying attention to is drying the car after washing it. This is done by people who once often washed their car in front of the house and always wiped it with a dry towel after washing all the recesses in the door, under the hood and under the trunk lid. This is highly recommended, because then we minimize the risk of corrosion centers and the retention of unnecessary water in the crevices of our car. We also clean places that are impossible to wash with a regular stream of water, which additionally beautifies our vehicle.

However, it is worth remembering that there are usually long queues for self-service car washes nowadays and doing it at the washing station unnecessarily lengthens the queue. In order to dry the recesses of our car, it is worth going to the parking lot located near the car wash and do the rest of the activities in our car there. Nowadays, touchless car washes are gaining in popularity and taking care of things of this type will significantly improve the comfort of use for all users of car washes. These are seemingly simple rules, but many people forget about them.

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