Is it worth choosing a vacation in Sardinia?

Is it worth choosing a vacation in Sardinia? Nowadays, most of us planning holidays choose holidays in warm countries instead of the Baltic Sea or Polish mountains. We prefer new places, beautiful views, a completely different atmosphere and learning about other people’s cultures. One of the places that are definitely worth attention is Sardinia. It is a rocky island, just after Sicily, the second largest located in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to Italy. This place is extremely beautiful, atmospheric and unique in almost all respects, so if the holidays in Sardinia 2019 are at stake, we are convinced that they will be an extraordinary choice ensuring maximum attractions, amazing views, great cuisine and a lot of sun, which we are often missing in Poland.

Holidays in Sardinia – what does this island look like?

If we decide to go on our dream vacation we will find ourselves on the island of the Mediterranean, which is extremely rocky, has several straight sections, several wide bays and promontories, as well as tiny islands that are close to the coast. Most of the island has mountains and plateaus. Holidays in Sardinia are a unique place for people who like to lie on the beach on the one hand, and hike in the mountains on the other, and enjoy breathtaking views. Among the vegetation there are poppies and evergreen thickets. Due to the fact that there are nearly 300 sunny days a year, you can go on holiday there in May as well as in October, still enjoying the charms of beautiful weather, which does not mean that at other times it is not as beautiful and proved like summer.

Holidays in Sardinia – what tourist attractions are waiting for us?

Each of us choosing to vacation, wants to spend them in a place that will be able to offer us a variety of different attractions. Certainly, holidays in Sardinia are the beauty of nature, which is undoubtedly worth seeing. What is noteworthy are nuragi and megalithic fortified observation towers, from which you can see the true beauty of Italy. Regardless of where in Sardinia we go everywhere, you can meet them there, because there are nearly 7,000 on the island. This place is also especially valued in front of climbers, because there are many interesting trails that you cannot miss if this type of activity we like and prefer. And besides, many historic buildings, lots of climate places and of course beaches, which undoubtedly belong to one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Holidays in Sardinia- provinces

Due to the fact that Sardinia is quite a large island, it has been divided into eight provinces. And so they are: Cagliari, Nuoro, Oristano, Sassari, Carbonia-Iglesias, Medio Campidano, Olbia-Tempio and Ogliastra. Each of them is unique and each undoubtedly deserves to be in it to get to know the local residents, their traditions, customs, culture and of course food.

Holidays in Sardinia – amazing food

Each country, each region has its own specialties that you can’t miss. When it comes to holidays in Sardinia, it ‘s definitely worth satisfying your taste buds with completely new flavors. Things to try is Corbezzolo, or bitter honey, Sa Carapigna or lime sorbet, various types of cheese made from sheep’s milk – Fiore Sardo, Casizolu or, for example, Ricotta. Of course, you can’t forget about the wonderful wine of the Mediterranean variety, wild asparagus, cakes and marzipan Durke, delicious fish and of course extremely well prepared pasta.

Who can afford a holiday in Sardinia

Although holidays in other countries are considered cheaper, nevertheless, one should take into account higher costs than in the case of holidays in the country. But that’s not why we work all year round so we can’t afford them, right? If you want to choose a holiday in Sardinia, you have to reckon with the fact that the offers are not among the lowest, but also do not reach cosmic prices, and are comparable to other places in the Mediterranean. In winter we can already find there in the amount of PLN 1,500 and spend really few wonderful days. As for the summer period, the average prices are around PLN 2,500 per person for mid-range offers. However, regardless of whether we choose a 2-star hotel or decide on a 5-star option, in each case we will certainly be very pleased. This cuisine, this atmosphere, these people and this extraordinary beauty created by nature itself are really worth every price. It is worth starting to save, put money in the piggy bank and next year to put on a holiday in Sardinia full of attractions, games and full madness, ones that will certainly remain in our memories forever.

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