Depresja chorobą współczesną

Depression as a modern disease

Depression as a modern disease. Depression is a disease that affects many people today. People of all ages get sick. Regardless of status or other factors. It often reaches broken people who cannot manage their lives. There comes a breakdown, and then a step towards a serious illness which is depression. How to cure depression? Are there appropriate and helpful methods?

What is depression?


Depression is a brain disease. It is, to be precise, a mental illness. Neurotransmitters, mainly serotonin, are disrupted. Depression may also result from other external factors, such as overwork, too much stress, or personality and behavioral determinants that were brought from the family home. Depression is a very serious condition. A healthy person sometimes cannot understand how a depressed person can behave this way. Sometimes these people are sad, depressed, nothing makes them happy. They feel worthless. They don’t think they’re good for anything. They don’t want to take on tasks or work.

It is just as if their energy, and thus the will to live, had run out of them. Life can be so perverse that in an instant a healthy person enjoying life can become a depressed pessimist. This is what depression is like.Treatment of depression is becoming more and more popular. Doctors know how to approach this problem, which should not be underestimated. This is very important as they are dealing with a delicate disease. Treating depression is not an easy process because it takes a long time. Most often, it requires medication by the patient. Often times, other methods are ordered to help the patient. What?


Antidepressant medications are one of the main methods doctors use to treat their depressed patients. In some people, doctors combine this method with psychotherapy. There are many drugs in Poland that fight depression. Everyone, of course, has a different effect. They mainly differ in strength and profile. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to choose the right medicine for a given patient. For one, the drug will work well, but for the other, it hasn’t worked as it should. That’s why sometimes it takes time. The patient has to test a few drugs to find the drug that will work. To find out if a given drug works, it takes about 4 weeks. It also happens that patients stop taking drugs themselves or reduce their doses. It’s not goodbecause antidepressants must be discontinued gradually and always be under medical supervision. Antidepressants are not addictive like sleeping pills or sedatives.

Depression and psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a very important method of treating depression. It is often combined with antidepressants at first. Sometimes, however, you can apply it yourself. Psychotherapy is also an ongoing process. It lasts about a year. It happens that it goes on for years. It all depends on the person and their needs. The cooperation between the patient and the therapist is important here. If the therapist can understand the patient well, the therapy will have a satisfactory effect. The patient must feel that the therapist is listening to him and that he understands him. The patient’s trust in the therapist has a really big influence with this method.

Depression and lifestyle

Treatment of depression it is not easy, but you can ease it a bit. Physical activity is a very important factor that positively affects our mental health, not only physical. Endorphins are released during sports or activity, i.e. happiness hormones. They increase the feeling of satisfaction. A person suffering from depression should take part in group activities. It will be an excellent form of therapy. If we suffer from depression and our work mode is very stressful, let’s consider the decision whether it is worth changing the workplace. Look for an activity that will not have such an impact on us. Stress often causes depression. You can see it among young people or among people working in corporations with the rat race. One before the other wants to be better. People do everything they can to get there. If a person hitswho has a weak psyche, it often happens that her health deteriorates because it is too heavy a burden for her. One of the symptoms of depression is also lack of sleep. Sleep disorder is already a serious problem and should not be underestimated. It is worth ensuring that our sleep is regular during treatment.

Doctors and specialists who treat depression are adopting newer and newer methods that will allow them to change the lives of patients. This is very important because the patient needs help. Sometimes more complicated, and sometimes only outpatient treatment is enough. It all depends on the severity of the disease. If a patient wants to take his own life, he must be hospitalized. Then he is under the constant supervision of a doctor who will take care of his psyche. Depression is a difficult disease and not everyone realizes how difficult it is to live with someone suffering from depression or how difficult it is to help them. This can be done if appropriate steps are taken.

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