Provence in our house

Provence in our house. Hearing Provence, we imagine lavender fields and a breath of fresh wind from the Mediterranean. It is for a reason that this region of France is so popular, it attracts not only with picturesque landscapes, but also with an exceptionally mild climate. It is because of the climate that the local buildings have acquired a characteristic style. Tourists, enchanted by the appearance of the towns, were happy to be inspired in interior design by what they saw while relaxing.

Provencal style in a nutshell

Interior design in the Provencal style boils down to attempts to convey the idyllic atmosphere of the French region. The interior is supposed to be cozy, traditional and full of natural materials. The dominant colors are white, gray, beige and lavender purples. Dark and intense shades are categorically avoided because they overwhelm the interior and take away light. The apartment in the Provencal style is to be cheerful and relaxing, the materials favoring it are wood and stone. It is worth emphasizing that the signs of the passage of time were extremely valued in this style and never old furniture was disposed of. The more age-old appliances adorned the salon, the greater the pride of the owner.

The mission of the person aiming at the Provence style will be:

  • Aging your furniture or searching for it at a flea market.
  • Selection of appropriate accessories that will not muffle the space at the same time.
  • Scenery with flowers and dried lavender.
  • Painting walls with pastel paints.
  • Let as much light as possible into the apartment.

Furniture from Provence

There are several options for getting furniture in Provencal style. Interior design supports ingenuity, so it’s worth visiting the flea market first. Certainly we will meet there people who are happy to get rid of old furniture for a symbolic amount, and we will get double in it. All you have to do is skillfully renew, paint in a shade that matches the interior and you can enjoy their presence in the apartment.

Another way is to buy the right furniture that will be stylized as old. During production, care was taken to emphasize any irregularities, highlight knots and finally use the right paint. We usually get antiqued furniture in white, but occasionally we will also catch it in other shades.

A typical Provencal furniture is a large, glass sideboard. Porcelain and jars with preserves or dried lavender will add charm to it. Great additions to antiqued wardrobes will be tarnished handles that we can mount ourselves. In the living room, apart from a comfortable sofa, a chest of drawers with sliding doors should stand, usually it is painted with floral motifs in pastel colors. Hanging cabinets and tall, free-standing shelves are also desirable.

What add-ons should you choose?

Interior design is always combined with the selection of appropriate accessories. Unfortunately, in the Provencal style we will not let our imagination run wild. It is characterized by modesty and simplicity. The only thing we can afford is ceramics in a shade that matches the soft colors of the environment. We can smuggle our character in cushions or embroidered armchairs, which will then be stylishly different from the rest. We can transform everyday objects into decorations. If you plan to buy tableware, then choose an interesting pattern and put avant-garde-looking candlesticks on the table. Book lovers and collectors of vinyl records will certainly be pleased that their collections do not have to wait in secret. Displaying them on the shelves will not be too eye catching, but will help bring out the unusual style of the room.

Provence and vegetation are words that are hard to separate, so do not hesitate to decorate the environment with greenery. Dried flowers inserted into porcelain vases will also look brilliant, in addition, arranged in strategic places, the apartment will acquire a romantic character.

Provencal kitchen and bathroom

When planning kitchens, let’s start with the right furniture – the ideal would be age or imitation. As with the general rules for the selection of toppings, a Provencal style kitchen will look cozy when we limit ourselves to simplicity. So let’s hang linen curtains, put embroidered napkins in a light shade, put ceramic lavender pots and a wicker basket for small items in the window. Spices placed in small jars and stylized household appliances will add charm.

We can also arrange the bathroom in a Provencal spirit. Let’s start the interior design from the floor – ceramic or travertine tiles work great here. It is also worth covering those parts of the walls that will have direct contact with water. Decorate the remaining fragments with structural plaster painted in a cream shade. When it comes to furniture, bright stylized or rattan will work best, but don’t overdo it. The highlight of the bathroom should be a large, white bathtub with legs. Additives such as a soap dish, brush cup and cream dispenser should be ceramic. Let’s not forget about the mirror, here we can go crazy and choose a decorative frame.

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