Wedding session. What issues do you talk to the photographer?

Wedding session. What issues do you talk to the photographer? There are plenty of guides that tell you how to best choose a wedding photographer, how to select from the thicket of offers one that will meet our expectations. What to look for, for what reasons, some people reject and the like. However, there is also the other side of the coin that talks about what you shouldn’t pay attention to. These few key issues, which may or may not affect the quality of your wedding photography, have a huge impact on reducing decision time.

The price of a wedding photo session

Many young couples choose the price of services as the benchmark when looking for the perfect photographer. Which is often utopia. Price lists can be really very different and often the quality is not accompanied by an excessive amount. On the market you can find, among others, photographers who work almost free, as well as those who value themselves beyond their means. That’s why it’s not worth overpaying just for the photographer’s name. However, the cheapest offers should not be taken into account either. It is obvious that many young couples have a limited budget, but it is worth investing in good-quality wedding photography, because it will become a souvenir for years that can be passed down in the family from generation to generation. That is why it is best to opt for the services of photographers at an average price level that is within the budget. Excessive savings can be unpleasant in further effects.


The photographer’s seniority is another issue that spends the night on the night of couples while choosing the perfect photographer. Many people pay attention to this, how many years a person is engaged in this type of photography. This can be fatal, because often young people who are just starting their adventure with wedding photography turn out to be better professionals than their older colleagues. Why? First of all, they ARE up to date with the latest technologies, they often also offer drone movie services in their offer, and they also have a new fresh view on this field. Photographers who already have dozens of weddings behind them, not always, but they often approach it routinely, they already have a chosen style in which they feel like a fish in the water and are not willing to change it. The effect of such cooperation are very often usually repetitive photos without imaginative and fantasy. Therefore, it is not worth starting from the beginning to cross out a person who does not have much experience. Often it is they who can surprise with their enthusiasm and passion for their profession. However, make sure that the person does not treat the ceramics as training. Of course, I’m not talking about crossing out people with experience at the beginning, which they have acquired over the years can result in beautiful wedding photos.

Photographer’s age

The age of the person taking the pictures is also often very important for the bride and groom. It is natural that she wants to feel at ease with him and naturally. That is why people of similar age to newlyweds are most often chosen for this role. Sometimes this may turn out to be a mistake. Not always an elderly man with a gray hair turns out to be a stiff photographer who is not able to adapt to the latest trends. Sometimes these people outdo the younger, their knowledge and ideas for shots. It’s the same with young photographers, who through their creativity can conjure up the most beautiful frames that even the newlyweds have never dreamed of. Therefore, before making the final decision, it is worth meeting the person, checking whether we can get a thread of understanding with him and whether he transmits on the same waves as we do. That’s enough to get a phenomenal and natural wedding report.

Photographic equipment

Almost every guide for honeymooners even requires you to pay attention to photographic equipment. However, very often it has nothing to do with good quality wedding photography. So what if a person has several cameras and lenses, If they can’t get the most out of these devices. A good photographer can take great photos even with a mobile phone. Therefore, you should pay attention to these issues with a grain of salt. The photographer’s question about equipment that lay people often have no clue about is an unnecessary waste of time. Most often, photographers work on cameras that are personally best for them and whose operation and potential they have mastered to perfection.


The last issue that may help in the selection of a photographer, but it should not be the final criterion when choosing it, is the portfolio. As the name suggests, the portfolio is a collection of the best works, something the photographer wants to boast about. However, it may have been refreshed for a long time or hide behind it a lot of inept photos that customers have finally received. How to get out of this problem? There are two solutions. The young couple can ask for the latest wedding photos that will verify their skills with what they show in their offer or ask for a session, “on trial” of course for a fee. After such a session, you can immediately assess whether the photographer’s style suits us and what quality actually lies behind the forced photos on the site or in the catalog.

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