What business can you do in a trade island?

What business can you do in a trade island?Commercial islands are something that has become a permanent element of the interior design of a shopping mall. It is not uncommon for you to find up to a dozen of them in one alley. In today’s text, we will provide examples of businesses that can be successfully run in trading islands . We focused on the most popular solutions that can most often be found in shopping center spaces all over Poland.

Gift wrapping – for latecomers and more

Buying gifts at the last minute – probably each of us was forced to do so at least once. In these and other situations , commercial islands offering the service of professional gift wrapping will prove themselves . To start such activity, it is enough to stock up on packaging products and hire an employee who can conjure up beautiful, attractive packages. Of course, gift wrapping is the most popular in the pre-Christmas and Valentine’s Day periods. However, this does not mean that our island will be empty for the rest of the time – the gift season never ends. Anniversaries, name days, birthdays … There are many opportunities to give gifts, so there are many commercial islands with such a profile should not complain about the lack of customers.

GSM services – something everyone needs

We often hesitate to buy a new charger, phone case or tempered glass for a smartphone. It is similar with the purchase of a new phone or accessories for the model we already have. Running a point that provides these types of products and services is a decision to operate in an industry for which the demand will not decrease. Currently, everyone has a mobile phone and at some point will need support from a GSM point / service. Trade islands with this profile are very popular because they allow you to buy the necessary accessories while doing other purchases.

Financial services – encourage the client to contact the consultant directly

Each of us knows the queues at banks, the impatient countdown of minutes and wondering when we will finally be able to come to the counter. This is frustrating, especially if we only want to ask one question, find out about the offer, or see which account will be optimal for us. The popularity of financial services is not declining, which is why banks more and more often decide to operate outside stationary branches. In trading islands, customers can therefore talk to a professional employee, obtain valuable information quickly and save time. Using the help of such a consultant is more attractive for the client than looking for a facility and being impatient in the queue.

Gift shop – a huge selection of accessories for various occasions

Scented candles, delicious coffee, mugs with names, bachelor party, bachelorette and 18th birthday gifts – these are just some examples of the merchant island offers that function as a gift shop. It is hard to find a better way to reach the customer with such an assortment than by selling through an island stand. The attractive display of the products will make passers-by quickly familiarize themselves with the offer and make a purchase in an instant, which they have been putting off for several weeks.

Seasonal items – remind customers of what they need

These trading islands not only offer Valentine’s Day gifts or Christmas decorations. Seasonal items also include winter hats, various scarves, gloves, straw hats, sunglasses, New Year’s Eve decorations or products with Halloween motifs. The sale of such products in trade islands encourages undecided customers or those who previously did not even think that they needed a given garment, ornament or gadget. It is a kind of reminder to passers-by about the upcoming occasion or about the current fashion for hats or other accessories.

Catering items

A shopping mall is a place where customers often spend up to several hours. It is worth realizing that it is often a meeting place, spending time together, and not just a place for shopping. It is therefore not surprising that the gastronomic trade islands are so popular. In the space of a shopping mall, we often meet with points where you can drink freshly squeezed juice, eat fruit in chocolate, pralines, fresh bread or taste sophisticated sweets by weight. Each of these products can be eaten efficiently and quickly, strolling between stores.

The above examples are just a few of the options in a sea of ​​business ideas that can be successfully tapped into when leading commercial islands . It is worth considering this option in any activity that does not require a large work space. The lower price compared to renting a regular premises, the ability to choose between buying and renting and the chance to reach customers directly – all this means that more and more companies are choosing commercial islands , regardless of the industry in which they operate.