How to set up a tattoo studio?

How to set up a tattoo studio? Every year tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Currently, tattoos have a completely different reputation than they were decades ago; The work of tattooists is openly called art, and people with tattoos on visible parts of the body have less and less problems finding a job. As a result, the tattoo business is also growing in strength, and more salons are coming from year to year. No wonder that more and more people are starting to ventilate in this way for business. How to make it happen? We present a short guide on setting up a tattoo studio: what to know, what to avoid and, above all, how to go about it.

You don’t have to do tattooing yourself to open a studio. Remember, however, that it is always better to run a business whose subject matter is in your sphere of interest. In addition, you’ll need fewer tattoo artists to get you started, which lowers your operating costs. In fact, it’s quite easy to “enter” into this environment, all you need to get started is money (tattoo courses cost around 5000 PLN) and artistic talent.

The ability to draw well is a huge plus in this profession, as it greatly facilitates not only creating designs, but also transferring them to the skin. As for legal restrictions, licenses needed and this type of paper – are not required. However, you must know the technique of using specialized tools, be able to maintain sterile conditions during work and communicate with the client in a professional manner. This is what the courses teach – they also allow you to get acquainted and “hooked” to practice in a more reputable salon. This is a good start before you start your own business – especially since the competition is large, and clients prefer tattoo artists who have already collected a large number of positive opinions and recommendations.

Let’s move to the studio itself. To start, conduct a market analysis: how many tattoo studios are there in the city? How are they doing Do they have many clients, including regular ones? What is the style of tattoo artists? It’s good to stand out, especially at the beginning, so you can stand out from the rest. Much can be done by employing a tattoo artist with an established reputation, with a unique style, although details can also be a success – for example, a cozy interior, where you can comfortably spend a few hours tattooing. You can also get involved in other services besides tattooing, which contractors are not in the vicinity so many. Scarification or body painting are just gaining popularity, but at a very fast pace, so adding them to the list of services offered will definitely help you start your business. Add to this the treatments associated with the tattoos themselves, other than their performance – laser tattoo removal or covering, the so-called “cover-up”, and immediately increase the chance of success.

Find the best location. The beginner tattoo studio must be in a place with very good access, preferably in the very center of the city – then the location itself becomes somewhat an advertisement. In the salon itself you will need to place not only a tattooing room, but also a reception and waiting room (these two can be combined), as well as sanitary facilities for storing and sterilizing equipment.

You have to take into account the considerable expenditure on tools. Tattoo machines cost about 1000 zlotys, power supplies – from several dozen to several hundred zlotys, but then there is the price of even a carcass (necessarily without the addition of chemicals), needles, cleaning products. Therefore, you must have tens of thousands of zlotys ready for the start, preferably within 50-60 thousand. However, you can apply for a grant from the employment office, which is 20,000 and is non-returnable. In addition, the European Union offers various types of start-up funding, which is also worth trying. If you succeed – the cost of setting up a tattoo studio will pay off quickly. One tattoo is usually valued at no less than PLN 400 (remember, however, to do some research at current prices, especially in nearby studios), but there are also above PLN 1,000. 60,000 invested in this way should pay back in 2-3 months.

Paperology is the most boring, but also absolutely necessary part of opening a tattoo studio. You must register your salon in the Central Business Register and Information. To do this, complete the CEIDG-1 application and submit it either to the city or commune office or online. Thanks to this, you will receive REGON and NIP numbers, as well as automatically report the company to the tax office and ZUS. You will still have to submit the ZUS-ZZA form to the Insurance Company, no later than one week from the start of operations. Don’t forget to submit the VAT-R form to the tax office no later than on the day the studio is opened. In addition, you must obtain permission from the Department of Health. The tattoo studio must be equipped according to the ordinance of the Minister of Health of February 17, 2004 on detailed sanitary requirements (this ordinance covers not only tattoo studios, but also wellness and beauty parlors).

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