Lawyer profession

Lawyer profession. Many people associate the profession of lawyer with speeches that are given in a courtroom to defend their client. However, the daily work of a lawyer does not quite look like the media creates or some people imagine. First of all, this profession requires tremendous responsibility and is associated with the implementation of a whole bunch of daily duties. Also, the very path leading to the possibility of practicing this profession is not easy at all.

Lawyer and legal advisor

An attorney and legal advisor are concepts that are often confused with each other. However, keep in mind that these are different professions. An advocate is a person with legal education. He offers legal assistance, which mainly consists in providing various legal advice and defending the interests of his clients before courts or offices.

Generally, the profession of legal adviser is comparable in most of these elements. Counselors may also provide their services in the form of legal assistance in an employment relationship. In turn, a lawyer can appear in court, where he acts as a defense counsel in criminal proceedings.

The very functioning of these professions is also governed by different laws. In the case of lawyers, we are talking about the Act on lawyers, while in the second case it is regulated by the Act on legal advisers.

When in the courtroom, these people can be distinguished by their attire. Lawyers have gowns with green accessories, while legal advisors wear gowns with blue elements.

What does a lawyer do?

The work day fulfills a number of different duties. Very often, he participates in various types of court hearings, where litigation parties are represented. These may be criminal, administrative and economic matters. Each such presentation must be carefully prepared and planned.

The lawyer also provides professional legal advice. There is no shortage of customers, because he is a person well acquainted with the regulations, placed in all kinds of codes and legal regulations.

A lot of time is consumed primarily by typical office work, associated with the circulation of all documentation. It is primarily a preparation of letters, documents and legal opinions.

What to do to put on a toga?

The road to this profession is not so simple. You need to spend a lot of your time and have the appropriate financial resources. The first step, of course, is taking up and completing law studies. The choice can fall on both a state and private university. At the first, learning is usually free. However, if the candidate decides to study in a private institution, he / she must pay additional costs in the form of tuition fees.

However, graduation is just the first step to becoming a lawyer. After graduation, attorney apprenticeship is mandatory. Recruitment for it is organized once a year. At the beginning you must submit a set of required documents and qualify for the exam. The exam is coordinated by the Ministry of Justice. It consists of a set of 150 questions. In addition to it, the final result is influenced by other elements, such as, for example, completing additional fields of study, foreign language certificates or obtaining a diploma with distinction. After obtaining a positive result of the exam, a candidate may apply for being included in the list of applicants. The future lawyer is also obliged to find a patron. It is the person who is responsible for the course of application and achievements in further education. The application lasts for a period of 3.5 years and ends with an exam, which consists of five parts. The only exception exempting you from completing the application is obtaining the academic title of professor or habilitated doctor in legal sciences.

Unfortunately, each year of application is paid. The amount to be paid is set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice regarding the amount of the annual fee for advocate training.

If everything goes the right way, you’ll get an entry on the list of lawyers . Then follows the taking of the oath and the appointment of the seat. The competent bar council must also be notified. After completing the formalities, you can start working as a lawyer .

In addition to proper education and knowledge acquired during studies and application, a good lawyer must also be highly professional. Desirable features also include discretion, empathy and customer loyalty. All this is extremely important in building your own image. An advocate must be able to develop his own brand and recognition. These are extremely important elements in this industry.

Despite the fact that this profession requires a great deal of dedication, its exercise can bring a lot of satisfaction. In addition, it also allows you to get quite high earnings.

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