Magnetic board – gadget or educational aid?

Magnetic board – gadget or educational aid? Our contemporary schools in Poland are constantly changing. They rarely resemble those of the 80s or 90s, where the computer was something unique. Multimedia devices enter schools, kindergartens, and even nurseries, and they settle in for good. Well, are you sure for good? Are we not going in the wrong direction, computerizing and digitizing every field of our lives? Experts calm down.

New technologies are safe and above all extremely practical. They are functional, develop and teach. Therefore, schools that invest in equipping schools with innovative multimedia devices can certainly boast of a broader educational offer and open young minds to completely new areas. One of such modern devices that has been entering schools very often lately is a multimedia board. Will she be able to replace the dark green boards, after which chalk was written and which the duty officers washed off with a wet sponge during the break? What is its phenomenon, what is its use and will it be useful in kindergarten? We invite you to read the article.

An interactive board instead of a regular blackboard with chalk?

Certainly, a multimedia board gives much more possibilities than a regular, black board, after which the teacher or students wrote in chalk. It looks inconspicuous, because it is actually a white board that is completely inconspicuous. However, after connecting it to a computer and special software, it can turn into an extremely interactive, multimedia board. Depending on the technological possibilities, system, software, multimedia equipment, an interactive whiteboard can help you become an educational aid in every lesson, from mathematics, through geography, to music. The multimedia board gives great possibilities. It is like a large monitor that responds to our movement. You can write on it with a special pen or simply use your finger or your hand. It is a great help for every teacher and a very interesting device for students. Definitely more interesting than a black blackboard with uneven, lopsided text written in chalk.

Teaching aid or gadget – interactive multimedia board

For some, it seems like an unnecessary gadget. We have tablets, computers, projectors and projectors in schools. But an interactive whiteboard is something else. It provides the ability to interact, combine motion with the image, which is extremely interesting, inspirational and allows for greater interaction and creativity. The teacher can prepare the entire lecture and record what will happen on the board at home earlier, but also has the opportunity to record everything that happens on the board on an ongoing basis and come back to it at any time. Polling at the blackboard does not have to be boring and stressful today. It can become a really interesting adventure, and at the same time a developing form of activity. A multimedia board is a guarantee of interesting lessons, during which you can easily involve the group in all types of exercises, tasks and activities. With the help of an interactive board, you can plan group work, but also individual work of a student. It is also an interesting way to check student knowledge in an unconventional form. No more stressing cards or tests. An interactive whiteboard can be used to quickly and pleasantly check the state of knowledge and whether knowledge transferred to students has been well understood and remembered.

The use of interactive boards – not just for school

Most often interactive boards are spoken about in schools and it is schools that are investing in this modern multimedia device. But the truth is that an interactive whiteboard is a device that works great wherever we want to make the teaching process more attractive. It will be an excellent equipment for kindergartens – it will allow children to share knowledge in an interesting way, while engaging and taming them with contact with multimedia devices. It will tame their fear, break them and teach them how to deal with new technologies. Interactive boards are also great teaching aid for cultural centers, centers where activities for children are organized, as well as common rooms and libraries. As we have already proved, it is not only a fashionable gadget, an interactive whiteboard allows us to use the possibilities offered by technology and present knowledge, important and sometimes boring messages in an extremely attractive and interesting way, easier to remember.

The impact of the interactive board on our development

Does using an interactive whiteboard affect the development of our brain? And if so, how? Scientists say that an action that integrates eyesight, movement and thought processes promotes our concentration and better remembering. Thanks to the interactive board, we are more involved in cognitive activity, our brain works at a higher speed. We definitely remember better then, we absorb knowledge faster. Messages given in an attractive, interesting form that require our commitment are faster absorbed by the brain and better remembered. After all, it is not new that learning through play brings not only more joy, but also effects.

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