How to get funding for courses for physiotherapists?

How to get funding for courses for physiotherapists? A physiotherapist is a very difficult profession, extremely demanding, and allowing to be on the market, if we are really good professionals. No one will go to a physiotherapist who does not have a good reputation, no good opinions and who is not able to offer us specific treatments. To be on the market, you have to be good at what you do, and then that’s the key to success.

To become a physiotherapist, you must complete relevant studies in a given field, complete internships and undergo specific training. However, if we think that is all – then we are wrong. Such a person should still focus on new courses for physiotherapists so that they can continue to deepen their knowledge, learn new treatment methods, and the next ways to quickly diagnose problems. The more courses, the greater and more professional knowledge, and certainly everyone cares the most.

Is there a chance to get funding?

As you know, all additional training is paid and costs little money. Not everyone can afford it, especially when we are just starting to work in the profession, so it is worth considering an additional option, namely funding for such courses. How to get them? What do you have to do? Where to apply

For courses for physiotherapists, money can be obtained, among others, from the National Training Fund, which is run by Poviat Labor Offices, as well as from the Development Services Database run by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

  • National Labor Fund

It is an initiative that was created by Labor Funds. Its goal is, among others, to support the education of employers as well as employees. Labor Funds want all people performing a given job to be able to demonstrate full competence, relevant knowledge and specific skills, so as to be fully to their clients or patients. As part of this fund, you can get 80% of the scots of a given training. The student pays 20% and additionally he must remember about the costs of travel, meals as well as possible accommodation.

As for the courses for physiotherapists , here such a person should be employed under an employment contract and must also be on the list of deficit professions in his poviat or be at least 45 years old. So how can you apply for such funding? First you need to find out whether the Poviat Labor Office to which we belong has started recruiting applications in this regard. If so, complete the documents needed for this procedure as soon as possible. Time is very important here, as it usually takes from 5 to 15 business days from the start of the recruitment process. On the website you can download the application as well as a list with the full documents needed. After submitting the application, wait for the decision – whether it is positive or negative, with appropriate justification.

  • Database of development services

It is an initiative led by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, thanks to which you can get a refund for courses for physiotherapists and more. The money received for applicants comes from European Union funds. In this case, you can count on both higher funding and a definitely higher chance to receive it, because still too few people know that such a thing exists at all. How to apply for a grant? First of all, please contact the regional operator, provide the service number we are interested in and express a desire to receive funding. The regional operator concerned checks the possibility of support and approves or rejects the application. Then set up an account in the Development Services Database and register for a specific service, in this case for the given courses for physiotherapists . The ICT system gives the signature to our application. And that’s all, we come to a course that is available and which we are interested in, and all financial matters are resolved by the BUR.


So as you can see the possibilities are great and if someone can not afford a given course, they can simply seek help. Very often this is the only chance to be able to continue to acquire knowledge, learn new treatment techniques, and delve deeper into the world of physiotherapy. We are convinced that if you really want something, then everyone can achieve it. Since the market gives us funding opportunities, why not use them, right? Excess knowledge is never possible. Everything we learn gives us new opportunities to work in our profession and the more extensive this knowledge, the better it certainly is. By putting on courses for physiotherapists, you can undoubtedly work at the highest level and be fully at the service of your dear patients.

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