Z godnością na drugą stronę, czyli o krematoriach dla zwierząt

With dignity on the other side, i.e. crematoria for animals

With dignity on the other side, i.e. crematoria for animals. They accompany people for years, bringing joy and a bit of madness to their homes. They often live to an old age when taken care of. Today, pets are treated as rightful family members enjoying numerous privileges. However, there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your four-legged friend. Before this happens, the owner thinks “how to provide a beloved pet with a decent burial”? Understanding the needs of animal keepers and meeting them, animal crematoria offer their services with respect to the smaller brothers.

Dignified and legally

In the light of the applicable law, at the time of death, a beloved pet is classified as biological waste, subject to recycling. Burying the animal’s body in a home garden or in the forest is a practice inconsistent with applicable law, punishable by a large fine. It is difficult to accept this sad reality for the owner, who is mourning the loss of his friend. Therefore, he is looking for available legal alternatives that will allow him to show respect to his pet and help him to say goodbye properly. Safe disposal of the animal’s body by cremation is a top-down process. Cremation of animals has been gaining popularity for years because it gives caregivers the possibility of a honorable burial of a quadruped in a close circle of an animal. For the owner saying goodbye to the pet, using the services of the animal crematorium allows him to gently close a given chapter in his life.

Understanding cremation

Crematoria for animals were created with the difficult time of losing a four-legged friend in mind. Run by animal lovers with full understanding and empathy towards long-term carers. Their services often go far beyond cremation – the services of animal crematoria also include free collection of the animal’s body from home or veterinary clinics, proper protection of the body and careful preparation of the pet for the cremation process. The pet owners saying goodbye can count on the professional preparation of the body of their beloved friend in the form of a gentle cleaning of the mouth of saliva, blood or biological fluids. The animal’s fur is being combed and the pet looks as if it has fallen asleep. Caregivers gain the opportunity to say goodbye to the pet and contemplate the grave of the pet.

For the Rainbow Bridge thanks to cremation

There are several crematoria for animals in Poland. The cremation service itself consists in the disposal and incineration of the remains in a specialized crematorium furnace, adapted to the size of domestic animals. The service related to cremation of animals applies to both small pets (rodents, birds, reptiles) and larger quadrupeds. Crematoria for animals are especially trusted by owners of dogs and domestic cats, because crematorium and burial services most often concern these animals. A guardian saying goodbye to a beloved pet has the right to choose the type of cremation, which includes a collective or individual service. In the case of mass cremation, the remains of the quadruped are placed in a mass grave, and the owner cannot obtain the remains for himself. Collective cremation, however, comes with a more affordable cost for the service.Individual cremation, on the other hand, gives the owner the opportunity to obtain the pet’s ashes. Many owners decide to take a decorative urn with ashes home or symbolically scatter them in the favorite walking areas of the four-legged farewell. The individual service also makes it possible to bury your favorite in a private grave.

The price of eternal rest

The range of costs of the service provided in the animal crematorium depends on the choice of the method of cremation of the pet’s body and its size. The burial of the pet’s remains in the mass grave, depending on the offer of a given company, starts from PLN 100 for very small animals (weighing less than 1 kg) to about PLN 500 for large pets over 40 kg. Cremation of giant pets over 60 kg costs from 550 to 600 PLN. Individual cremation is a higher cost, but it is associated with many amenities and additional services. For the possibility of recovering the ashes and the presence at the cremation ceremony, the pet owner will pay for the service from PLN 350-400 for very small animals (less than 1 kg), about PLN 600-700 for a pet weighing 10 kg or less and PLN 900-1000 for very large or enormous animal.A guardian of an animal serving as a state service during its lifetime or working in uniformed services (police dogs) has the option of using a special price for the individual cremation service, which is 30% of the standard price of the service. Dogs acting as a guide for a blind person are also said goodbye with due respect for free.

A memorial created with the heart

Taking care of the individual preferences of their keepers, animal crematoria offer the possibility of purchasing decorative urns for ashes and tombstones . The small original ossuary in the shape of a cat figure or a box decorated with the symbol of an imprinted animal’s paw is a valuable souvenir for the owner of a quadruped and a worthy aesthetic form of a resting place for a beloved pet. The urn placed in the crematorium cemetery can also be marked with a tombstone with the image of a little friend resting in it. People who want to take a part of their pet with them can take advantage of the additional service offering framed footprints taken from the pet before cremation or obtaining a bundle of hair saying goodbye to the pet.

Crematoria for animals take the greatest care for a dignified burial for their beloved four-legged pet. Empathy, love for animals and understanding the needs of bereaved carers make the crematoria a silent companion on the journey of a little friend across the Rainbow Bridge.

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