The right dresses for the wedding – how to dress without a blunder?

The right dresses for the wedding – how to dress without a blunder? Each of us wants to look beautiful at the wedding. On this occasion, we buy new dresses, shoes, visit a hairdresser and do professional makeup. We want to look attractive, fashionable and delightful. Sometimes, however, in our focus on ourselves, we forget who is most important at the wedding and whose dress, hairstyle and makeup should outshine the others.

Often, ladies are so focused on their own styling and appearance that they forget on what occasion this meeting is. Then there may be a situation when their too strong makeup, too bold outfit or all too eye-catching creation, begins to dominate and attract glances. And this should not be the goal of wedding participants. So how to dress, not to make a mistake, to feel good and attractive, and at the same time let the only queen at this ball, i.e. the bride, shine? Advise.

The most important dress at the wedding

The bride is the most important women’s person at the wedding and her dress should be the most elegant, attracting attention and arousing delight. She is the queen, the most important person, she should shine. It is important that every participant of the wedding remembers this and does not set itself the main goal of being the most dressed person at the ceremony. An elegant dress is, above all, a trait of the bride and it is worth remembering. Does this mean that we should dress modestly? Oh no! Let’s just dress appropriately for the occasion, without exaggerating in any way.

Forbidden colors or dresses for a wedding, which is a bad choice

So what should be the perfect wedding dress? Every woman who receives an invitation thinks about it. Nobody wants to make a mistake and come in a dress that is inappropriate for the occasion. Each of us wants to look attractive and feminine, sensual and fashionable at the same time. Elegantly. And neither wants her outfit to be read as a bad omen. And unfortunately it can be. It is worth remembering that the time of marriage and wedding reception is subject to many superstitions that many people still believe in. One of them concerns the costumes of bridesmaids and other ladies appearing at the wedding.

So before we buy wedding dresses, let’s think about whether their color is right. First of all, the most unwelcome color of the dress at the wedding is black. Black bodes badly, is interpreted as a bad sign, so it’s just worth giving up. Of course, if we manage to combine black with bright additions and brighten our stylization thanks to it, we certainly will not indign anyone. However, it is better to choose other colors. The second color we should not choose is white. On this day, white is reserved for the bride. Although in the summer all white, light and airy dresses look tempting, let’s put on a rather different for the wedding – safe colors – pink, pastels, grays, gold, silver, blues, cornflowers, etc. Also watch out for reds. Especially if we are a witness. Then it’s good to give up intensive red and choose something more subdued.

Too short dress for a wedding

When we know what color of wedding dress we choose, it is worth thinking about the right length. First of all, it is worth thinking about what effect we want to achieve and in what outfit we feel at ease. A wedding is a night full of dances, games and madness, so it is important that we feel not only attractive, but also at ease. Long dresses are certainly extremely sensual and feminine, but they make it difficult to move.

They fit tall and slim people. If we belong to this group and we do not intend to take part in wedding games such as running, we can easily choose the maxi length. As for the mini, it is allowed at the wedding as much as possible, but it’s also worth considering the issue of our convenience. A very short wedding dress is not in good taste, it is definitely better to hide some body than to show too much of it. The more that the very short dress also does not give optimal freedom of movement and makes it difficult for us to participate in competitions organized by the master.

Leopard and other wild patterns or dresses (not necessarily) for a wedding

If you are facing a dilemma: a smooth or patterned dress, we definitely recommend plain wedding dresses, without patterns, embellished with accessories in the form of elegant, original jewelry. Patterned wedding dresses do not always work and do not always fit. First of all, not all designs are suitable for a wedding. Be careful with all types of leopards, tiger stripes or other patterns in spots, stripes and the like. They are too pretentious and do not necessarily fit for such an occasion. Hawaiian designs are also better to choose for looser holiday parties than for weddings. The exception is, of course, a stylized wedding, which requires special dress from guests. Then completely different laws operate and different dress rules prevail. In this situation, we can be tempted to really crazy costumes, vent the fantasy and put on a dress that will fit into the thematic context of the wedding.

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