What metal to choose jewelry from?

Usually, women buying jewelry https://www.bizuteriapiotrowski.pl do not think about the type of metal from which the decoration is made. Since ancient times, yellow gold has been a classic jewelry metal because of its warmth, brilliance and value. It can be delicate and beautiful if we choose a small element. Large items can be very luxurious. It is worth thinking about the type of metal from which the jewelry was made, because, as it turns out, not every metal suits every woman.

Personal preferences for color are often based on whether we think we look at something good or bad. The color of jewelry is also the appearance of earrings, rings or necklaces 

However, there are many metal options for those who definitely prefer specific solutions. We should take into account individual color preferences, skin tone, its sensitivity, as well as metal durability, metal weight, maintenance factors and of course the price.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences for color are often based on whether we look good or bad in something. Yellow gold may not look good if you have lighter skin and look better with different complexion, It is usually great for women with darker skin. Silver and white metals are brighter than all skin tones, which is why platinum, palladium, white silver and gold are great options.

Preferences also apply to the way the metal interacts with the precious stones placed in it. We are looking for color harmony, a visual impression that makes jewelry pleasing to the eye. Some colors complement each other, others fight. Some may look boring if we put them together, others become pure chaos.

Let’s consider how to combine colors skillfully. White metals, such as platinum or white gold, will:

  • emphasize the beauty of a high-quality colorless diamond by combining it with a colorless (white on white).
  • bring out the unwanted yellow color if we choose a diamond with a very light shade.
  • emphasize a fancy, vivid yellow diamond that will attract attention, thanks to the contrast between colors.

Weight of metal

The weight of metal can be a problem, especially if you want to buy a watch. Stainless steel, platinum and gold are heavier products. In turn, titanium and tungsten are an excellent choice if you are looking for a lighter but durable material.

Keeping clean

Silver requires more maintenance compared to other white metals. It must be polished regularly so that it does not destroy or accumulate dirt, which can cause long-term damage. In turn, gold and platinum do not damage, but oils, makeup, creams, sprays, cleaners and other substances can tarnish these metals. Mild soapy water and a soft cloth are often all we need to clean gold or platinum. Tungsten jewelry requires very little maintenance, just like stainless steel.

What is worth knowing about gold?

Gold can come in four different colors: yellow, white, pink and green.

Pure gold (as in 24K gold) is yellow, but too soft to be used in most jewelry. To strengthen it, it must be combined with other metal alloys, such as copper and silver. Different amounts of alloys are used, carat is changed, which is the proportion of pure gold made to measure. The most common examples are 18K, 14K, 10K and 9K pure gold. The more alloy, the less pure gold and the lower the price.

In white gold, pure gold is combined with copper, zinc, nickel or palladium. To create rose gold, yellow gold combines with copper. The created color is a slightly shining, pinkish shade. This is an increasingly important trend. In turn, green gold is a combination of gold with copper, silver and zinc.

Nickel is an element that causes allergic reactions in a large number of people. If we’re allergic to nickel, make sure white gold is rhodium plated. There is no nickel in yellow, pink or green gold, so they are good choices for allergy sufferers.

Bright white platinum

Platinum is valued for its purity, rarity and strength and is considered the most valuable metal used in jewelry. Platinum is stronger and rarer than gold. It is naturally white and will not change its color. It is also hypoallergenic, which is why it is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Platinum jewelry is heavier than other metal jewelry. If we pay attention to weight and reliability, we can choose something else. Platinum is available in glossy to matte finishes. Palladium is a related white metal. It is not as thick and heavy as platinum and is usually cheaper.

Pure silver

Pure silver is soft, too soft to be used in jewelry, so it is mixed with metal alloys such as copper to increase its strength. Silver should contain at least 92.5% pure silver, then it is stronger and more durable than pure silver. Silver jewelry, minted as 925, is distinguished from silver jewelry, which has been mixed with a larger percentage of alloys.

Contemporary alternatives

Additional interesting options are titanium, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, cobalt and ceramics. Titanium is a light but extremely durable metal and is clean. It weighs a third less than gold, but is durable, three times stronger than steel. It is hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant.

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